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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Excerpt Reveal for Radge by Esther E. Schmidt

 by Esther E. Schmidt  
Release Date: September 28th  
Genre/Tropes: Romantic Suspense/Biker Romance/Mafia Romance/Arranged Marriage    
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“What else do you know?” I question. “Prez,” Brodie whisper hisses but I shoot him a glare to silence any further actions. “Everything,” she simply says and points at her mother. “You don’t need my mother for payback. Look at her, you’ve already got what you wanted. She hit her head when you guys blasted the gate. Please. Get her help and I will tell you who was truly responsible for your father’s death.” I tilt my head and take her in. The red hair, close to more of an orange glow, the dress, the temper, along with the fighting skills, nothing makes sense. And the things she just mentioned? It’s the complete package that puts me on edge. “Nope, not interested. You know–” I rub my fingers along my jaw. “You almost had me intrigued with those details you mentioned. But the last part about my father’s death made your credibility take a nosedive. Besides, I’m in charge and won’t ever take orders, or deals for that matter, from a chick.” I swing my gaze to Brodie. “Let’s hang her from the ceiling and grab the blowtorch while you’re at it. I’m thinking we’ll start with putting a little heat under those tiny feet, how does that sound?” “Music to my ears, Prez. I’m always up for a little barbeque. Nothing like the fresh scent of burned meat to get me through the day.” Brodie chuckles and steps toward the chick. She moves so fucking fast, all I see is a blur moving forward and Brodie doubling over–hitting the concrete knees first the next instant–while he groans and falls to the side, cupping his balls. “All yours, Prez,” he wheezes. “Gimme two minutes and I’ll back you up.” My head falls back and laughter rips out. “Fuck, you got him good.” I give a shake and add in a serious tone, “You’re still gonna dangle from the ceiling, sugar.”
 Meribeth - Chaos erupts, causing my parents to force me into an arranged marriage. When I try to coerce circumstances to take a turn, that’s when true mayhem strikes.   Ramsey - She’s wild, crazy, and a streak of violence runs through her veins. But the headstrong, gorgeous redhead landing right in my lap is the key to executing a plot for vengeance.    
About the Author:  
Esther E. Schmidt, USA Today Bestselling author of 7 MC series, a Mafia Romance series, a PNR series, a contemporary romance series, and more. She's a graphic designer that also loves to write. She released her first series "Areion Fury MC" in October 2015. Esther lives in The Netherlands with her family, three daughters, and a crazy iguana. She loves to write about bad boy Alphas with a heart for only one woman. To make it a bit interesting, that woman needs to be a badass herself.    
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