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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Teaser for Sporting Goods by Roxanne Tully

 🏒🖤Teaser Tuesday🖤?🏒

 Sporting Goods by Roxanne Tully is coming on the 20th of October!

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What to expect?

🏒Hockey/ Sports Romance 

🏒 Small town

🏒 Grumpy, swoony alpha hero

🏒 A 7-year-old named Jax 


If I never hear the word hockey again, it will be too soon.

That’s why you won’t find a single item in my sporting goods store; no blades, pucks, or sticks.

It never existed for all I cared. But I cared. More than I wanted to.


It still hurts. Not my arm. The pain doesn’t bother me anymore. It was the rage, hostility, humiliation and of course – the gut-ripping realization of knowing my career with the NHL was over. Only two years after it started.


Until Rayne—and Jax, her seven-year-old son walked into my store, looking for hockey gear—and lessons. They couldn’t possibly had come to a worse place for that.


But try saying no to a gorgeous blue-eyed blond…oh and his hot mom too… when in a matter of minutes, the two managed to put more smiles on your face than you thought possible.


It’s just my damned luck though – that this woman has more of a connection to a world I try everyday to forget.


Author: Roxanne Tully



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Book Title: Sporting Goods

Genre: single parent, sport romance 



Roxanne  Tully grew up in New York City, where she studied theatre and stage management. Her passion for writing and storytelling started very young and every story had to have its beginning, middle and end – even if it never made it on paper.


While her genre was never limited, she now enjoys writing contemporary romance, creating realistic heroine’s with relatable rising actions.


A traditionalist at heart, Roxanne loves spending time in bookstores, diving into exciting new titles.


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