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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Emerald Tablet by Dan Jolley

The Emerald Tablet (Five Elements #1)

Book one of a new Five Elements series. Meet Gabe and his three friends. All his life Gabe has had to constantly move from one place to another which his Uncle claims is to keep him safe. Gabe does not want to leave his new best friends so they dig around in the Uncles office until they come across some a map that marks a hidden rook with a description of a binding ceremony that is supposed to keep them together forever. What they do not know is that this is magic that they should not be missing with, and things pretty quickly go down hill after that. The world building is incredible, and I found myself hooked until I got to the end which is a cliffhanger of course. I am looking forward to the next installment in the series, and this one gets 4/5 stars.

Twisted Threads by Lea Wait

Twisted Threads (Mainely Needlepoint, #1)

Book one of the Mainely Needlepoint mystery series. Meet Angie who returns to her hometown in Maine after her mothers body was discovered almost 20 years after she went missing. Angie had moved away to escape the stigma that she grew up under, and upon her return she must deal with accepting the past in order to move forward in the future. Grams needs her help after her group of needle pointers were swindled out of thousands of dollars by a business part gone rogue. As Angie tries to juggle all of these problems the business partner ends up dead with her and Grams under suspicion for his murder. I love the story building, and the characters are easy to get attached to. I will admit that arts of book moved a little slow which I found disappointing so I can only give it 3/5 stars.

Friday, February 24, 2017

If You've Got it Haunt it by Rose Pressey

If You've Got It, Haunt It (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #1)

Book one of the Haunted Vintage Mystery series. This book was incredible. The main character Cookie runs a vintage thrift shop, and at the very beginning of the book she meets a ghost that will not leave her alone until she solves her murder. The ghost is an older woman with a strong personality which lends quite a bit of drama to the story. Cookie is pretty much adopted by the best cat ever as well. This cat loves to ride in its carrier, can communicate with a Ouija board or tarot cards, and is always around even when it is supposed to be locked up. The characters are easily relatable and I am already attached. I will be reading the other books in this series. It gets 4/5 stars.

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Ever the Hunted (Clash of Kingdoms, #1)

Book one of the Clash of the Kingdoms series. Meet Britta who finds herself in dire straights after her father passes away leaving her essentially homeless since girls cannot inherit. The boy she loves has been accused of murdering her father, and she finds herself hunting him in an effort to save herself from the gallows though things do not go the way she has planned. The evolving mystery keeps the reader hooked with plenty of surprises along the way. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, and give it 4/5 stars.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hisses and Honey by Shannon Mayer

Hisses and Honey (The Venom Trilogy #3)

*Received early review copy from Netgalley book will be published March 7, 2017

The third and final book of the Venom trilogy. Alena defeated Theseus in the last book, but Hera is still upset with her so she brings back Hercules giving him a nine headed hydra. Alena has found her groove with the new powers by this point having pretty much embraced who she is now. I admit that the drama with Remo threw me a little bit, and I lost some respect for him due to his lack of balls (all I can so without spoilers). It all seems to work out in the end though, and I am proud of Alena for stepping up. A good mix of fantasy, supernatural, drama, and action. My only complaint is that it is over now. It gets 4/5 stars.

Fangs and Fennel by Shannon Mayer

Fangs and Fennel (The Venom Trilogy #2)

Book two of the Venom trilogy (told you I had the next book already). This book continues the story of Alena as she tries to learn her new powers, stay alive, and save the world all at the same time. After defeating Achilles in book one Alena is now pitted against Theseus. While trying to deal with him she is also attempting to divorce her human husband which is challenge because was she turned she was considered to be dead. No matter what the obstacle she deals with it head one as she tries to be in control of her life though everyone around her is doubting her abilities. lots of action, great supernatural story points, and a good argument for women's empowerment. it gets 4/5 stars.

Venom & Vanilla by Shannon Mayer

Venom & Vanilla (The Venom Trilogy #1)

Book one of the Venom trilogy. Since I absolutely love Shannons' elemental series I had to give this trilogy a shot. it starts with a very sick Alena dying in the hospital from an incurable disease that is contacted from the supernatural community. She must make the choice between death, and becoming a supernatural being that her family will never accept. Obviously she chooses to turn or there would be no book, but I will leave the how until you actually read it. As she struggles to accept her new life Alena discovers that Greek heroes are being brought back to life as well as the Gods, and she just happens to be stuck between them all. The story kept me hooked until the end when I was really glad that I already had the next installment in the trilogy. It gets 4/5 stars.

Seven Black Diamonds by Melissa Marr

Seven Black Diamonds (Seven Black Diamonds, #1)

Book one of the Seven Black Diamonds series. Lilywhite Abernathy has grown up as the only daughter of a crime lord which is bad enough but the she is sent off to school after being secluded all her life where she finds how special she really is. In a world where the Fae have been at war with the humans for years Lilywhite must find her place in the world while trying to make peace at the same time. The extensive world building is amazing, and Melissa has an awesome imagination. The story line flows smoothly, and I am really looking forward to the next installment in this series. It gets 4/5 stars.

Blog Tour Blitz for Pick Your Potion by C.C. Dragon

Pick Your Potion (Witch's Brew Cozy Mystery, #1)


Gypsies, vamps, and weres…these are just some of the people powerful witch Claudia Crestwood and her friends protect. In the city of Hartford, Connecticut—years before Salem, there were witch trials. Now the paranormal coexist with humans, more or less. With the help of her hippie aunt and cousins, her gypsy uncle, and other paranormal friends, Claudia stands on the line between humans and paras—helping to keep the peace.

When a human customer dies after an incident at the coffee shop, Claudia must dig into the case to protect the cafe and the coven. Threats have been made and what’s worse, she’s harboring a hunter wanted by the police in her basement. A hot and powerful wizard starts showing up in the shop when Claudia needs help and is at her worst. Intriguing and annoying… She isn’t sure she can trust him and his reclusive family but it’s time for her to dig deeper into the magical world.               RELEASE DATE: 2/21/17

Pre-Order/Purchase for 99¢: Kindle | Barnes & Noble | iBooks

156 pages | Prices goes up to $2.99 on Feb 28th

* * * *


A loyal Chicago girl who loves deep dish pizza, the Cubs, and the Lake, C.C. Dragon is fascinated by mysteries, sleuthing, as well as the supernatural. The southern connection comes in because her sister moved down there and the material was too fun and entertaining not to set a series there.

C.C. loves creating characters, especially amateur sleuths who solve crimes in their spare time. A coffee and chocolate addict who loves fast cars, she’s still looking for a hero who likes to cook and clean…so she can write more!

My Review: I received an early review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, and after reading the blurb this did not sound like a hardship to me. In this book we are introduced to Claudia a powerful witch in her own right who is doing all she can to make life better for all members of the supernatural community. The book has the perfect blend of fantasy, supernatural, mystery, and suspense. The world building in phenomenal and easy to get sucked into. This book kept me hooked until the very end which I was unable to guess about until I got there, and now I really want to know Claudia's secret. I recommend this book to all cozy paranormal mystery fans. It gets 5/5 stars.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pressed to Death by Kirsten Weiss

Pressed to Death (A Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Mystery)

*Received ARC copy from Netgalley release date is March 8, 2017

This is book two of the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Mystery series, and I am addicted by this point. We continue to follow Maddie as she takes over ownership of the paranormal museum but she yet again finds herself as a suspect in a murder investigation. As she attempts to solve the case she finds herself under pressure from all areas, and stressed about her relationship at the same time. The evolving of the story was great with some excellent paranormal moments to reflect on. I highly recommend this book to cozy mystery lovers. It gets 4/5 stars.

Bookman Dead Style by Paige Shelton

Bookman Dead Style (A Dangerous Type Mystery, #2)

Book two of the Dangerous Type Mystery series. This books picks up a few months after the last one, and of course Clare finds herself wrapped up in another murder after a visiting celebrity is accused of killing his sister. Her efforts to discover the truth are quite comical even if she has no clue what she is doing. Her curiosity may be her downfall, but it keeps her going until the end when they figure it all out. Overall this is a cute little cozy mystery that I recommend reading if you like that kind of thing. it gets 3/5 stars.

A Dandelion Wish by Kiki Thorpe

A Dandelion Wish by Kiki Thorpe

Book three of the Disney Fairies Never Girls series. I read this book as part of my goal to read more of the easy section in the kids room where I work in an effort to be able to make better recommendations though I admit that I a Disney fan and these are just the cutest little books. This is a story of four girls that have found the secret way to visit the fairy island that house the Neverland fairies or as we know them all of the fairies from the Tinkerbell movies. In this book they deal with sibling annoyance and how important family really is in a manner that young children will enjoy. I highly recommend it for younger readers. It gets 4/5 stars.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

To Helvetica and Back by Paige Shelton

To Helvetica and Back (A Dangerous Type Mystery, #1)

Book one of the A Dangerous Type Mystery series. This is a cute little cozy book. We are introduced to Clare who works with her Grandfather in their typewriter repair/stationary store. She finds her self wrapped up in a murder, and helps to solve it in order to show that she did not do it. Has good character development, and I loved the location of Utah. A little more suspense may have made it better as the story seems to just flow along at a slow speed, but still worth reading on a rainy afternoon for cozy lovers. I give it 3/5 stars.

Roseblood by A.G. Howard


The newest book by this author, and I had such high hopes after absolutely loving her last series. My hopes must have been too high though because it did not reach the goal. To start with the entire book is printed using red font. Having never read a red book I was unaware that this would give me a headache making me have to break up my reading into small bursts which is annoying to say the least. Ignoring that issue the story is a new take on the phantom of the opera story line which has lost of possibilities but the book felt drawn out making it rather boring to me. The details were nice though, and the character development was quite good. I can only give it 3/5 stars. Hopefully her next book is a little better.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dreamwielder by Garrett Calcaterra

Dreamwielder (The Dreamwielder Chronicles #1)

Book one of the Dreamwielder Chronicles. I fell in love with this book from page one. The world building is incredible, and each new detail made me feel like I was there. Makarria is an instantly lovable character, and her adventures are fascinating. The blend of the personal narratives gives all sides of the story, and kept me hooked until the very last page. A must read for fans of fantasy, adventure, and suspense. I give it 5/5 stars since I was unable to put it down until I finished.

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

Bloodfever (Fever, #2)

Book two of the Fever series. I liked this book better than book one. This one picks up shortly after the events of the last one, and by this point Mac is less whiny while being a lot more accepting of what her life is really like at this point. In other words she is not fighting so hard to stay in the dark, and has embraced her need to learn more before ignorance gets her killed. I like this more assertive side better, and it makes the character more likeable. i am really looking forward to learning what happens next in the series. I give it 4/5 stars.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Last King of Texas by Rick Riordan

The Last King of Texas by Rick Riordan

Book three of the Tres Navarre series. I am attached to Tres by this point in the series. His uncanny ability to stumble around getting into trouble yet still solving the case in the end is quite entertaining. He took some abuse in this one too yet he still figured it all out. I am enjoying these books though i will admit that I am not in love with them like I am his kids series. It gets 3/5 stars.

The Vanishing Island by Barry Wolverton

Image result for the vanishing island

Book one of the new Chronicles of the Black Tulip series. This is the cutest kids chapter book! We are introduced to Bren Owen who is unhappy with the life he is forced to live, and dreams of sailing away on a ship one day. He should be careful what he wishes for because once he leaves the adventure never seems to stop until we are left with a cliff hanger at the end. I look forward to the next book in the series to see what happens next. It gets 4/5 stars.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)

Book one in a new series by a new author, and I will admit that she has some potential. This is the story of Audrey Rose who lives during the Jack the Ripper era. She is a practicing apprentice to her Uncle the coroner much to her fathers dismay. As the story of the Ripper unfolds she finds herself trapped in the middle of the case having to help solve it in order to feel safe again. I like the premise, and the flow is nice though at times scenes seemed to last forever. Overall a good first book though I can only give it 3/5 stars.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

Image result for The Bone Witch

*Received ARC copy of this book from Netgalley
Rin Chupeco creates an incredible world in her book The Bone Witch. This story has a geisha feel to it filled with remarkable detail that for the most help the story instead of distracting from it. We are introduced to Tea who is telling the story of her past to a bard about she became the bone witch that everyone is so afraid of. The story evolves in a natural progression that truly sucks the reader into it. It slows for a short time just over half way, but picks back up before it’s over. It left me with lots of questions though that makes me anxious for the next book to see what happens next. I give it 4/5 stars because I really enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it to other fantasy lovers as well.

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever (Fever, #1)

Book one of the Fever series. I had such high hopes for this book after hearing good things from quite a few people I know, but he bar may have been too high because it just felt blah to me. I love the premise of the story with Fae story line, the sisters murder, and all that. It just felt drawn out for things to actually happen, and the end was a giant cliff hanger if I ever saw one. I am hoping the next book in the series picks up a little bit. I give it 3/5 stars.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Power Game by Christine Feehan

Power Game (GhostWalkers, #13)

Book 13 of the Ghostwalkers series. The books in this series are about the men and women that have been experimented on by having physical, physic, and mental powers enhanced mostly without their consent. Some of the books have pushed the limits when it comes to female consent, but this one does a good job. I was hooked to the romance story, and the background drama was interesting as well. I look forward to the next one that comes out. I give it 4/5 stars.

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull

**Received and early review copy from Netgalley the book will be released on March 14, 2017

I am in love!!! For anyone that love the original Fablehaven series this book will be right up your alley. The story picks up shortly after the events in the last series making it fell as if we have lost no time at all. The world building is incredible, and the nonstop adventure makes for an intriguing book that I found unable to put down. Excellent book for fantasy lovers all around. I give it 5/5 stars and am really looking forward to the next books in this new series!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes

The Trouble with Dukes (Windham Brides, #1)

Book one of a new series called Windham Brides which are the cousins of the Windham's we have met in her previous books. I just love it when authors update me on my old characters this way it is awesome. This is the love story of Megan Windham and her new Duke Hamish McHugh a big burly Scotsman of course. Her detail to historical accuracy just carries the day as the story develops. I love her characters and details. This book gets 5/5 stars.

The Widower's Two-Step by Rick Riordan

The Widower's Two-Step (Tres Navarre, #2)

Book two of the Tres Navarre series. This book picks up about two years after the first one which surprised me a little bit as most don't have a gap that large. During that time Tres has been trying to earn enough apprentice PI hours to earn his Texas PI license which I take is important. During this book he hits bump in the road, and has to decide if he going to finish or become a teacher that he never wanted to be. His detective style is definitely unique, and I found myself anticipating what he would discover next. If the story was more developed I would have liked it better but several parts seemed to just plod along so I can only give it 3/5 stars.

French Kiss by James Patterson

The French Kiss (Detective Luc Moncrief #1)

This is the book that actually introduces Detective Luc Moncrief, and I wish I had noticed that before I read the second book. Having this background story made some of the parts of the second one make a little more sense though he is still a ramble along detective. I think that I am not a fan of these little bookshots as again I felt the story was rushed and underdeveloped. I give it 2.5/5stars, but had to mark it as 3 on Goodreads.