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Friday, August 31, 2018

Blog Tour & Giveaway for the Hot Tide Series by Michele De Winton

Another Shot With Summer
Hot Tide Book 1
by Michele De Winton
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
He broke her heart like a cheap surfboard…can he win her back?

After an accident stole his surfing career, Ashton Evans has a chance to reinvent his life by photographing the leaders of the World Surfing League. The problem? Summer Roberts is his first client. Now the woman he can’t forget is spending long, hot Indonesian days in front of his lens. In a bikini. And worse, she’s steaming up his nights.

But no matter how tempting Summer is, Ashton must keep his hands to himself. For the sake of her career, Summer is pretending she’s still in a relationship with someone else. Being seen with Ashton could blow her chance at making it onto the World Surfing League leader board for good. But with their attraction as unstoppable as one of the giant ocean waves that rule their lives, will they be tumbled under by it? Or will Ashton finally get his second shot with Summer?

Get ready for a wet, hot ride.

Making Over Maya
Hot Tide Book 2
This Cinderella isn't supposed to end up with the Wolfe.

Maya Taylor is all sass and style when it comes to closing a PR deal, but when it comes to men, she has about as much witty banter as a drowning grommet. So when fashion mogul, Dominic Wolfe, enters her life, he seems to be bringing the perfect deal.

She’ll teach him all there is to know about the highly competitive side of surf sponsorship. And in return, Dominic will turn the beautiful surf-klutz into a man-magnet. Dream deal, right?

Only the lessons start getting hotter than the beach mid-summer and Dominic realizes he wants more. Much more. But the deal was their relationship wouldn’t cross the line between business and pleasure…
It's no wonder that Michele's first romance has a little sparkle of the stage tucked into its pages as she was a performer long before she got adicted to the page. Being a writer was not what she was supposed to be when she 'grew up' but then neither was a dancer. Her poor parents. They thought that when she toddled off to law school they'd bred a responsible, useful adult and instead they got a performer and word junkie. 

She now writes full time in a studio surrounded by the whisper of wind in the trees and only intermittent interruptions from her young son, husband and hunger pangs. She's based in New Zealand (land of beaches and hobbits) loves chocolate, yoga, sunshine, her boys and happy endings.

You can get in touch through facebook or twitter or through her website and blog

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for From the Halls of Cuba by C.E. Porch

From the Halls of Cuba
by C E Porch
Genre: Historical Fiction
This is the story of an American family becoming part of the Cuban fabric before and after the Spanish-American War 1898 with all its exhilaration, corruption, and exploitation. It is a story with fictional characters set in real events and the failed attempts to regain a lost life...all leading its American characters to participate in Indochina during WW II, the Bay of Pigs and into the Vietnam War.
C.E. Porch is a retired lawyer, whose father had a business in Cuba before Fidel, and he jumped out of a lot of “perfectly good airplanes” with his green beret stuffed inside his US Army fatigue jacket.
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Book Blitz & Giveaway for Faith in Love by C.M. Albert

Faith in Love
C.M. Albert
(Arden’s Glen Romance, #1)
Publication date: August 1st 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Full of grief and jaded by love, corporate philanthropist Egan MacGuire is given two options by his boss: take a leave of absence or kiss his job goodbye. A road trip with a friend is just the distraction Egan needs to figure out how to get his life back on track.
Celeste St. Angelo left the bright lights and big city for the mountains of North Carolina to open the next phase of her flourishing Angel Therapy business, a healing and wellness center. With the grand opening looming she has no time for distractions, especially love.
When divine timing sparks an unexpected romance, will Egan and Celeste be able to leave their troubled pasts behind and find the courage to have a little faith in love?
Grab our copy for FREE for a limited time only!
PLUS!! Book 2 – Proof of Love – is on sale for 99¢!
He went to the kitchen and washed out their wine glasses, placing them in the drying rack. He grabbed two large Mason jars and filled them with water, then headed back to the great room. “Mind if I light your fire?” Egan asked.
Celeste burst out laughing. He hadn’t realized what was so funny until she said, “I bet you say that to all the girls!”
Egan grinned, his mouth turning up at one side. “I don’t usually ask . . . it just happens naturally.”
Celeste rolled her eyes, a smile still lighting them from within. Damn. If Egan could only make her smile like that all the time.
He loved the serious side of Celeste, but he loved her funny, lighter side even more. He’d never met anyone he could laugh with and cry in front of whom he also wanted to grab by the waist and dip into a serious kiss. God, that mouth. He would be dreaming about it tonight. He could feel himself staring, so he shook his head to clear it. He flipped on the switch for the gas fireplace, watching it spring to life. He settled back down on the couch next to Celeste. This time, he sat a little closer. He turned toward her, adjusting his leg, and brushed hers in the process. He felt the electricity shoot through his gut and straight into his heart. He wanted to hug her, protect her, and slide inside of her, all at the same time.
“What?” Celeste asked, using a small hand to gently turn his face toward hers. “You have such an intense look on your face right now. I don’t know what you’re thinking.”
“But you know what I’m feeling, don’t you?” Egan couldn’t stop himself if he’d wanted. He leaned his head to the side and melted his cheek into the softness of her hand. It felt so right there, cradling his strong jawline. He knew his five o’clock shadow would feel scratchy against the incredible smoothness of her skin. He couldn’t help but wonder how that hand would feel tracing down his chest and over his abs. How it would feel to have it smooth over the muscles in his thighs. His groin tightened at the thought of her fingers trailing over him, touching him, taking him. He leaned his head back against the couch and groaned.
“Perhaps this isn’t the best idea, Celeste,” he whispered.
“It’s definitely not a good idea, Egan.” But instead of pulling back, she leaned further into him, settling into the crook of his shoulder as she rested her head against his chest. “You smell so good. What are you wearing?”
Egan wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer. “Um, soap?”
Celeste took in a deep breath again. “That cannot be just soap.”
“Soap and the natural scent God gave me.”
“Mmm,” she replied. “Lucky you.”
“Well, I don’t exactly sit around smelling myself, Celeste.”
“Yeah, that would be awkward.” She smiled when she looked at him, sitting up a little straighter on her feet, which she had tucked beneath her.
Her eyes were dark, but more. Flecks of amber kissed the brown that swirled around in her irises. He could lose himself in those eyes. Hell, I’m lost already. Who am I kidding?
She leaned forward, her eyes never leaving his. They were inches apart, and Egan had to clutch his fingers in a fist to stop himself from devouring her.
“Celeste,” he moaned, “if you start this, I might not be able to stop.”
“If I start this, I wouldn’t want you to stop,” she whispered.

Author Bio:
USA Today Best Selling Author C.M. Albert writes heartwarming romances that are both "sexy and flirty, sweet and dirty"! Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor, inspiration, and romance. She's a sucker for a good villain, but is a die-hard believer in everlasting love. In her spare time, she and her husband wrangle their two kids and enjoy spending time outdoors. When not writing or kid wrangling, C.M. Albert is also a Certified Medical Reiki Master, chocolate chip cookie aficionado, kindness ambassador, and seeker of naps.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Their Bride by Stasia Black & A.S. Green

Their Bride by Stasia Black

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

I have to say I am getting into these marriage lottery books. In these books the world has essentially ended making survival the name of the game as females are few and far between. In Jacob's Well to fix that they do a marriage lottery where five guys are picked to be with one bride. Vanessa thinks this is a perfect idea to keep her safe from hunters that she has been fleeing from for years. Things would have been great but the lottery box comes up missing and the men chosen are not happy about the results. There is a rocky start to all this but over some time it really starts to come together with quite a few twists I did not see coming (like the bomb drop towards the end). If you like end of the world RH novels then you should try these. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.

A Nature of Conflict by Kristen Banet

A Nature of Conflict by Kristen Banet

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

Just when I think these book cannot get any better she writes another one and totally proves me wrong!! Sawyer is used to the team by this point though those in charge are still trying to mess with them all trying to tear them apart. This time they focus on Quinn and Sawyer though I do believe they totally get more then they were expecting as these two truly go above and beyond. In depth characters we can all love and enough suspense to really keep the reader hooked from page one until the end. This series totally blows my mind with each new installment. If you have not started then yet then you really have to fix that!! I completely loved it and will be waiting impatiently for the next one so I give it 5/5 stars.

Forbidden Queens by C.R. Jane

Forbidden Queens by C.R. Jane

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

Wow things are really heating up for Eva now. She is the prisoner of an evil Prince Aiden though thanks to a fantasy dream like world she does not know that as he tries to unlock her hidden powers. While trapped her guys and friends are trying their best to rescue her though they get lots of surprises along the way. If you have been keeping up with this series then you really have to read this one as it answers quite a few of our long term questions. If you have not read the books yet why not? They are totally awesome!! I really enjoyed it so I give it 4/5 stars and will be eagerly looking forward to the net installment.

Our One and Only by Saiya Summers & Aspen Winters

Our One and Only by Saiya Summers

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

Okay now I want to be a mermaid. Ashlyn goes to a beach house for vacation with her female friends as a way to enjoy the summer before they start college. Things are fine until she gets bitten down at the dock and it changes her life forever. Her friends are trying to save her while she tries to adapt to her new reality. Things should get really interesting in the next book as they all come together. This is a great start to this new series that has some incredible world building and a stroy line I could have never thought of. If you are looking for a good mermaid book then look no further. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.

Blog Tour & Review for Betting On Forever by Scarlett Black

Title: Betting On Forever
Series: Battle Born MC #1
Author: Scarlett Black
Genre: MC Romance
Published: August 6, 2018
“This is the first book by this author and all I can say that it is AMAZING!! Please take the time and give this author a chance. I absolutely loved it.” ~ Amazon Review
“Awesome writing with a spectacular storyline. A must read.” ~ Amazon Review
“This book has it all. Intrigue, well-developed characters, scorching hot alpha males and strong female leads. This is a must read from this new author and I can't wait for book 2!” ~ Amazon Review
Alessia DeRosa is a full of fire and ambition. When life throws her a curveball, her pride won’t allow room for failure. Betting on herself, Alessia cashes out of the life she was dealt, picks up the pieces of her shattered heart and moves on to a future unknown. Blade Johnson was born into the Battle Born MC. He loves his club life, and that is all he needs or, so he believes. 
When challenges arise, and he doesn’t know who he can trust. Loneliness starts creeping in. That’s until one fiery brunette catches his attention.
Unexpectedly, the two meet, sparking desire and life back into their hearts and dreams. He can’t stay away from the woman who warms his cold heart. She can’t help but to bet on the strong man, and tear down the walls around her heart.

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

I have to call this a slow build MC romance novel as it took me a little bit to get into it but once it got good I was enjoying the characters. Vegas is a kick butt main female lead and she kept blowing my mind with her in depth plans. Then we get Blade the alpha pres of the local chapter with his dominant ways. Man do the sparks got when you put them together. The in depth plot was rather fascinating as it all played out. Overall a decent start to this series that I recommend to fans of the genre. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.
Scarlett Black lives in a small town in Northern Nevada. She has three kids a husband and a couple of dogs. She loves to watch baseball, especially when her kids or husband play. One day she had random thoughts floating around in her brain, opened her laptop and started writing without really knowing of where the journey would take her. Here she is now, a first-time erotic MC genre author, that works full time. She enjoys her busy life, the outdoors and shopping as much as possible!

Blog Tour & Giveaway for The Real You by RM Alexander

The Real You
Only You Book 1
by RM Alexander
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
"Movie Star Romance on a whole other level!" 

Reeling from a nasty divorce, Paige Reed wants to move forward, and leave the past where it belongs - behind her. A spontaneous decision leads her to a location set for a movie where she meets sexy Hollywood insider, Kellen Richards.

Kellen's southern charm sweeps Paige off her feet, despite the hungry paparazzi watching in the background. But when a tragedy proves to be anything but accidental, he vows to protect Paige with every resource at his beck and call.

While Paige fights to find her place in his world, Kellen must engage in a lethal game of chess, their lives and blossoming love at stake.

What Readers are saying: 

"Emotional roller coaster that took me along for the ride!"
"Heartbreaking yet uplifting!"

Nominated for 2017 Reader's Choice Award and 2018 Author Academy Award

The Determined You
Only You Book 2
Heroes paint the big screen, but a violent opponent interferes with true love, driving one actor to prove he's more than a script. 

Easy-going Lil Reed is like every red-blooded female would be: excited to meet her first Hollywood A-lister. After all, Grey Richards is the talk of the town. And she's the lucky one; his brother is marrying into her family. But Lil quickly learns an age-old lesson: be careful what you wish for. Grey is nothing like the charismatic and charming characters he portrays. This heartthrob is surly, arrogant, and completely closed off.

With no patience for gossip-reading fan girls, Grey is far from interested in the youngest Reed sister. And a guy like Grey would never date outside the elite Hollywood circles. That would be career suicide. 

However, when there's a threat against the Reed sisters, Grey feels compelled to protect the spunky and adorable woman who somehow wiggled her way into his heart. With danger closing in, Grey must save the sisters and prove to Lil that there's more behind the glamour and glitz. But will she ignore the fake tabloids for a chance at real love?

The Perfect You
Only You Book 3
When Texas oil mixes with Hollywood wine, love must prove it's thicker than blood before a murderous adversary calls checkmate.

Determined to prove herself, Trinity Richards goes against her family's wishes and finally makes the move to Los Angeles. Knowing her brothers monitor every move gives Trinity the courage to fulfill her dreams. But now, her brothers' enemies have a new target: Her. 
Finding solace at the bottom of a bottle, Tim Rhodes is still struggling with his wife's death. Encountering the beautiful and assertive Trinity puts him on edge. After all, he has no intentions of ever falling in love again. Love only breeds pain--and too much of it. The last thing he needs is another woman in his life.
When Trinity's life is threatened, Tim's torn between his past and what could possibly be his future. Now, it's up to him to confront his demons and fight for the woman he wants. Can he bury his pain and save Trinity before it's too late?

RM Alexander is an author of romantic suspense. With driven characters who suffer the worst kinds of betrayals, RM's novels promise a good read with unexpected twists and turns. 

When she's not writing, RM spends time with her husband and two children. She loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World, and is addicted to orange juice and Ghiradelli chocolate. She is often found on Twitter and Facebook chatting with other authors and readers.

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