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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Magical Bookshop series by Amanda Flower

There are currently only two books in this series: "Crime and Poetry" and "Prose and Cons." Both of them are the cutest little cozies ever. They are set in Cascade Falls which is near Niagara Falls. This is important due to the hot springs that can be found naturally in the area. These play an important role in the stories, and help build the foundation for the ongoing plot line which is awesome by the way. The main character is known as Violet, and along with her new cat Emerson as well as a talking crow she tries to investigate the murders that seem to keep happening around her. Her methods are purely accidentally which keeps the books lighthearted, but by the end you can't help but root for her to find the answers she is looking for as her magical bookshop gives her clues. The books are light, and fun making them a great read to lighten any one's mood. I loved them both, and felt that they deserved 5/5 stars.

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