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Friday, December 23, 2016

Water Bound by Christine Feehan

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Over the last year and a half I have been making the effort to read all of Feehan's books, and the Sea Haven series is the last one for me to get through in order to complete my goal. This just happens to be book one in that series which means I am making progress at least. As usual for her books this is a romance mixed up with a dangerous problem that needs solved. I think of it as a combination romance novel and mystery novel which totally works for me. The main characters are Rikki Sitmore and Lev Prakenskii. For those of you that have read the Drake sisters series the name Prakenskii will sound familiar, and yes it is Ilyas' brother. This story picks up at the exact end of the last Drake book which continues the timeline hooking the two series together. The characters are well developed and I enjoyed the fact that the romance moved along at a reasonable pace (if you have read some of her books you will understand this statement). They interact well with the community, and the dangerous parts are well described which kept me interested until the end. Overall I really liked it, but did not love it so it earns 4/5 stars total.

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