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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Book Blitz & Giveaway for My Pulse by Hanna Dale

My Pulse
Hanna Dale
Publication date: November 26th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
For single mom Tristan Maddox, moving to the small town of Broward, Georgia is the opportunity she needs to provide her daughter with a better life. A bigger house where they can each have their own bedroom, a backyard to play in, a place where they can put down roots and be part of a community, are all part of the reason she chose Broward as their new home. Nowhere on that list was her sexy next door neighbor, Owen, his adorably affable dog, Huck, or his crazy family.
Owen Gallahanger is perfectly content with his life the way it is. He has a job he loves, a family that he can count on, even if they drive him crazy most of the time, and his loyal sidekick, Huck. He isn’t looking for anything more, but after meeting Tristan and her daughter, he quickly realizes exactly what he is missing.
But not everyone is happy that Tristan is in Broward. As an unknown threat continues to escalate, Owen has to fight to protect the woman he loves, and their future together, or risk losing everything.
“It’s pretty damn simple.”
I shake my head. “Nothing about you appears to be simple.” I shove the package of hotdogs into his chest, ignoring the hard press of his pectoral muscles beneath my hands. “You scowled at me the entire first time we meet.”
“I thought you were going to murder my sister,” he interrupts.
“Then you flirt with me the second time we meet; at least I think you were flirting with me. I suck at reading these types of situations.”
“There was a little flirting, yes,” he confirms.
“Then there’s the beach, and I don’t even know what to say about that. You were flirting again, and you made Stella’s day when you did her ocean wave. Then you show up where I work and Lesa, who is basically my new boss, is clearly in love with you, which could cause me all kinds of problems, and yet somehow I let you convince me to invite you into my home where you get pissed because I’m on the phone with my sister.” I take a deep breath. “I think moving to Broward killed several thousand of my brain cells. This is completely out of character for me.”
His free hand settles on my other hip, turning my body into his. I flick my hand back and forth between us. “See!” I exclaim. “What in the hell is this? I’m so confused.”
“It’s pretty damned simple,” he says again, leaning in closer to me. He smells like leather and wood, and some sort of spice, and it’s intoxicating and not helping me grow any of those missing brain cells back. His nose rubs along the side of my neck. “Are you sniffing me?” Surely that’s not my breathless voice asking the question. His nose brushes just behind my ear, and my entire body involuntarily shudders in response. I’m pretty sure I’m about three-point-five seconds from having an orgasm, and he’s hardly touching me.
“You smell like peaches. I noticed it the other day. It makes me think of ice cream—peaches-and-cream ice cream, and I want to lick you to see if you taste how you smell.”
Shit. If his tongue touches me, I’m screwed, or not screwed but orgasmed. Is that a thing? It should be. And Owen Gallahanger can write the fucking book on how to do it.