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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Big Red Tequila by Rick Riordan

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I am a huge fan of Riordan's kids books, but have never had the chance to read his adult series. This happens to be book one of that series. It introduces us to Tres Navarre a private investigator that has just moved back to his hometown after being away for years. He is attempting to solve his fathers murder which happened right before he took off, and at the same time he is hoping to get back together with his high school sweetheart though life quickly throws a wrench in the latter. Tres has an interesting way of thinking about things, and his enchilada loving cat just cracks me up. The plot line kept me guessing, and the characters were realistic. In the inter4est of full disclosure I would have given this one 3.5/5 stars if that was an option on Goodreads, but since it is not I had to give it 4/5. The next book should be enlightening to say the least.

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