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Friday, May 25, 2018

Cover Reveal for Embers of Shame by R. Murray

COVER REVEAL ˚* ˚ ˚˚ * ° * ° ˚ • *˚ .  EMBERS OF SHAME ˚* ˚ * ˚ •
*˛ ˚ •*•* by R Murray


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‘Your race destroyed my people. Why should we help you?” 

The forgotten have learnt to fight in order to survive and keep themselves safe within the banished land of Caspa. Rejected for being hybrids, no one spares them a thought. That is until a dragon shifter appears in their land. 

Ash, the son of the dragon king, seeks the leader of the forgotten, hoping to gain her help ridding his land of evil. Only he didn’t bank on the leader being a half-phoenix, half-angel female. 

Ember remembers what Ash’s people did to her home, and she does not forgive easily. Ash soon realises that not only does he have to gain her trust, but the trust of her three most loyal, hybrid protectors: Obe a Fae-Hellhound, Morgan an Elf-Peagsus, and Jaxe a Demon-Basilisk.

But evil is not just out to destroy the dragons. He wants all the lands and he will not stop until he gets them.

Can Ash convince Ember and her hybrid army to help him? Or will the shame of the past be too much to forgive?

Embers of shame is the first book in the forgotten race series. A new epic fantasy that is a must read for fans of Eragon, Game of thrones and Lord of the rings.

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