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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Release Blast for Magic and Mayhem

A Paranormal Romance Collection

Magic & Mayhem is now available! 
Including my brand new story: Of Shadows and Secrets (Books 1 in the Academy of the Accords trilogy, written under my alter-ego Grace White)
Read on KU or buy for only 99c! The price goes up Sunday so grab it cheap while you can. 
Ellie Waters is used to being the odd girl out.
A human caught between Light and Dark, good and evil, Ellie is forced to attend the Academy of the Accords, the place where creatures come to learn how to play nice with each other.
 It’s only one more year, and then she’ll be free.
 Until Ellie finds herself strangely drawn to a handsome Nephilim full of angel Light and a mysterious brooding Cambion with Dark blood. And she realizes something is different this semester.
 She’s different.
 But nothing can prepare her for the truth, and everything Ellie thought she knew is about to change.

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