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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Excerpt Reveal for The Billionaire's Promise by Lia Hunt

by Lia Hunt  
The Intern Trilogy #3  
Release Date: August 31st Contemporary romance, workplace romance    
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I’m swiping on lipstick when Harrison appears, freshly showered from downstairs. I watch him in the mirror as he pulls on his suit, looking devilishly good. He catches me looking and smiles. “Don’t start looking at me like that,” he says with a smirk. “Or we’ll be late to the office.” Which, today, we can’t afford. Harrison woke up to a call from Sandy asking if he could be in a virtual meeting with Germany first thing this morning. Something to do with one of their major accounts expanding. Plus, I have my own meeting with Monica from Pink to go over some new feature that they’re adding to the platform that they want to highlight in upcoming marketing material. “Right,” I say. “I’ll just go get our stuff together.” Harrison comes out with three different tie options, looking somewhat grumpy. “Which one says ‘please stop fucking up things that should be easy’ to my employees?” Harrison asks. I smile. Well, at least he’s getting back to normal. Maybe the working out/pacing last night got all his worries out. Or, at least, some of them. “The red one,” I say. “Color of confidence.” “And blood,” Harrison points out. “Which works.”     
The Billionaire’s Promise is a classic former-virgin-marries-billionaire romance - if your idea of classic is extra-spicy angst, straight-up with a twist that will leave you more than satisfied... No one saw this coming. Least of all me. When she dumped coffee on me in my own lobby, I sure had no plans to put a ring on my intern’s finger. I didn’t even expect to learn her name. Apparently I didn’t get my own memo. She screwed me, screwed me over, and somehow managed to steal my heart in the process. Emery is a shark in kitten’s clothing. The only woman I can guarantee will never bore me. She couldn’t care less about my brownstone. My money. My last name. Which is exactly why I’m ready to share them all with her. Well, that and the mindblowing bedroom activities. Although we’ve never needed a bed. Do you take this woman? Oh, I’m ready to take her… over and over and over again. I’ve been married before. But doing it with this little hellcat? I’d give everything up to build a future with her. To have a family. But I’m not the only one with a claim to Emery’s future... Book three of three in the Intern Trilogy.     
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