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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Blog Tour, Character Guest Post, Review, & Giveaway for Paws for Murder by Scarlett English

Petronella-- Hello, everyone. It’s so nice to meet you! My name is Petronella, but my best friends call me Ella. You may have read about me and my friends in a new book called, Paws for Murder, A Barking Mad Mystery. My authors have two new stories already finished and ready to come out as well—Probable Paws, which comes out this month and Paws and Effect, which is due out in March. Anyway, as you may know, I’m British and my friend Garrett is an American. We both live in the small village of Adlebury in England. I’m a veterinarian, and he’s a sergeant with the police (and a former American detective). Even though we have some differences, we also have similarities. For example, we both love coffee, and I brew a pot every morning and bring Garrett a cup. 

Garrett (interrupting)--That’s because everyone is trying to poison me with that instant stuff half the village drinks. 

Petronella – (ignoring him) We also both love Lily, my next door neighbor. Well, actually, she’s Garrett’s grandmother and he came to England to take care of her, so...  Oh, and we both love solving murder mysteries.

Garrett--Which you shouldn’t be involved in, in the first place. That’s strictly police work, Ella, like I keep telling you. And it’s way too dangerous.

Petronella--Yes, well…anyway, we’ve had a few questions from our readers lately, and we thought…

Garrett-- “We” didn’t think this was a good idea if you remember. “We” were worried this might just encourage you to take more risks.

Petronell--(still ignoring) I thought that we could answer a few questions together so you could see how similar the British and the Americans really are, even though we’re from two different countries.

Garrett—(snorting sound)

Petronella--As I was saying—Here’s our first question: Dear Petronella and Garrett, I’m supposed to be married in two weeks, but I’m worried. I have two sweet cats, and my fiance is a dog person. He wants me to get rid of my cats! What should I do? Signed, Worried Bride-to-be.
I’ll go first. Dear Worried Bride-to-be, This is a hard one. I think communication is key and you need to have a long talk with your fiance, explaining how much your cats mean to you. I’m sure that if your fiance knows that your pets are important to you, he’ll come around and try to make friends. Garrett?

Garrett-I say dump the guy. If he’s this unreasonable now, what will he be like after you marry him?

Petronella-Next question. Dear Petronella and Garrett, What are your favorite ways to relax when you’re not chasing criminals? Signed-Interested

Garrett – We don’t chase criminals. At the moment we don’t seem to be able to avoid them.

Petronella – Dear Interested--My favorite way of relaxing is a brisk walk with the dogs and then tasting Garrett’s favorite tipple. At the moment he’s fond of homemade gooseberry wine.

Garrett – Which is going to be the cause of the next death in the village. Either mine or the person responsible for making it..

Petronella--Moving along, next question. Dear Petronella and Garrett, Which makes the better pet? A cat or a dog? Signed, Pet Lover. Speaking for myself, Pet Lover, I can’t choose between them. I have a darling cat named Pawdry Hepburn and a sweet dog named Sherlock. Sherlock is a little love, an Old English Sheepdog, I believe Americans call them. But Pawdry is also quite British—she’s a British Shorthair and very pretty. I love them both to bits.

Garrett—It depends on what you want. A friend who’s happy to see you whenever you come home, who loves to go on walks and play fetch with you? Or a pet who ignores you, doesn’t defend your home against intruders and bites you if you pet them in the wrong spot.

Petronella—One time!

Garrett—One time too many. And I have two words that should end this argument forever.

Petronella—Oh really? And what might those two words be?”

Garrett—Litter boxes.

Petronella—Oh my, just look at the time! I have to get to the clinic, but at least we managed a couple of questions. We’ll have to do this again sometime soon.

Garrett-Or not.

Petronella-Thanks for stopping by and a huge thanks for reading our books! You can find more of our adventures in the pages!

About Paws for Murder

Cozy Mystery 1st in Series 
Independently Published (January 5, 2020)  
Print Length: 163 pages 
Digital ASIN: B083JKWXVZ 
Welcome to Adlebury where village life can be downright deadly.
Veterinarian Petronella Knight seems to have it all. A job she loves, good friends, and patients who adore her. But when she gets into an argument with dog breeder Gladys Harrington, and she finds the woman dead, she also finds herself accused of murder.
Ella will need all her friends, including the new and very handsome American policeman, and all her sharpest sleuthing skills to figure out who murdered the dog breeder before another dead body pops up.
Paws for Murder contains one enthusiastic amateur detective with a penchant for rescuing animals, a guard duck called George, a large amount of homemade gooseberry wine, and a very confused American who has never met an English village quite like this one.
You’d be Barking Mad to pass this one by.
*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

Meet Ella an intelligent young vet that sets up shop in a quaint English town. Folks are not very welcoming my to change though so they have a hard time accepting her. A local arrives during what should be the other doc's scheduled day but only finds Ella who she proceeds to yell at. At odds she still goes to check the owners dog only to find the cranky woman dead instead which makes her the main suspect. What follows is a delightful investigation that will keep you guessing. A well written adorable cozy that will really suck you into having a bar my good time. A must read for fans of copies full of cute critters. I totally loved it so I give it 5/5 stars.

About Scarlett English

Scarlett English is a crazy cat lady who likes solving mysteries. Or actually, make that a dog lady. Much to her chagrin, the police have never sought to consult her, which is why there seems to be so much unsolved crime. Especially—surprisingly enough—in the small English village where she lives. So, armed with curiosity, a penchant for taking in strays, a love of homemade wine and a good gossip, she puts her detecting talents to good use murdering her imaginary friends and neighbors and solving the cases one story at a time.

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