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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway for Magic Misfit by A. Caprice

Magic Misfit
A. Caprice
(Raven Academy, #1)
Publication date: March 13th 2020
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Reverse Harem, Romance
The Raven Academy could save my life… if it doesn’t kill me first.
Waitressing might pay my bills, but it’s my cage fighting at night that really cranks my gears. Until some weird hidden power helped me win a fight. Now no one wants to step in the ring with me.
And my life is going from weird to worse. The same night a werewolf tried to tear out my throat, a guy shows up telling me magic exists AND goes on to prove it. And, oh yeah, my life is in danger now that my abilities have started to show.
Apparently the answer is for me to follow this hottie professor to some Raven Academy and learn magic. School was never my jam, but at least this one comes with a hot demon who’s helping me train and a sexy fellow student who seems to be interested in more than just study hall. Throw in Professor Sexy Pants tutoring me privately to improve my magic, and it’s every girl’s dream.
Until I find out I’m part of some save-the-world prophecy, and the fate of all supernatural creatures rests on my shoulders. Great.
If my sexy consorts and I can’t pummel my magic into shape soon, we’re all doomed…
Magic Misfit is the first book in the Raven Academy series, a reverse harem romance with a university-age heroine having all the fun. Get this book if you like kick-ass heroines, steamy heroes, and smexy scenes so hot they’ll steam up your e-reader,. All characters are 18+.
He was huge. Built. The kind of body you only got form hours at the gym. And I don’t mean the gym where you use weight machines. I mean the kind where you flip over huge tires, do burpees with fifty-pound kettlebells, the kind of shit that makes you tough not only in body but in mind, too.
Or maybe those muscles just came naturally to a demon.
Jesus, I was standing in front of a demon.
“Hi.” I raised one of the mugs. “I brought you some coffee. It’s early, and I know I sure need some caffeine. You wouldn’t believe the night I had.” I was babbling and I didn’t care. It seemed safer than to stand in silence.
“I didn’t know how you take it so I took a guess. No cream, two sugars. You know, kinda like you. Dark and foreboding on the outside but secretly sweet?” God, please let that be him.
He stared at me, face impassive.
I swallowed.
Finally, finally, he spoke. “Are you going to bring it to me or do I have to drink it from here?”
The low throb of his voice had me humming in places I hadn’t hummed before. At that moment I would have let him drink anything. My blood, the moisture gathering in my panties…but he wanted coffee.
“Oh.” I cleared my throat. “Right.” I stumbled forward, breathless, until I stood before him. I had to tilt my head back to look at him, but it was worth any neck ache.
He took the mug. I was hoping his fingers would brush against mine, see what his luminescent skin felt like, but he grasped the cup by its rim.
I cocked my head “Didn’t you use to have tattoo on your neck?” There had been a lot about the rest of his body that had been distracting, but I was pretty sure there had been ink on his skin.
He took a long sip, keeping his eyes planted on my face.
I shifted my weight. He wasn’t going to answer. Rude bastard.
He took finished his coffee, let out a breath, then placed his free hand on my sternum.
Before I could either protest or enjoy it, my body jerked then flew backwards. My coffee cup left my hand seconds before my ass hit the hard wood. I tumbled ass over teakettle until whatever power had thrown me ran out of steam.

Author Bio:
A. Caprice is the pen name for an author who usually writes decidedly unparanormal romances. She decided to write under this name when the urge struck to create something a little wilder and weirder. Look for other paranormal, sci-fi, or whatever-else-doesn't-fit-what-she-usually-writes-romances under this name.


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