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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway for Stryker's Girl by Alyssa Bailey

Stryker’s Girl
Alyssa Bailey
(Red Eagle Ranch, #1)
Publication date: April 5th 2021
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

He needs to fire her or claim her before it’s too late.

Avery gets caught in a web of deceit when she agrees to help save her family farm. As her life begins to tangle chaotically, her attraction grows for her new boss, Stryker Red Eagle, but he is the enemy… or is he?

Stryker’s ordered life is turned upside down when Avery arrives as a woman, not the male assistant he thought he was getting. She is stealing his concentration, and something is going on with her that he can’t figure out.

To save his sanity, Stryker needs to either fire Avery or claim her as his own. But then the real trouble begins.

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He was a moody man, and she didn’t have time for that even if he sent her libido into orbit. It had only started as an offer for a temp job, but once Ben discovered where she was going to work, he had demanded she add the family agenda. She was only out for a connection between him and the farm and then something that would break that link. Once that was found, she would likely need to slip away quickly and quietly. And that just sucked.

She waited to see if there would be any movement from Renee’s office, but when all was quiet for a few moments, she walked closer. Good, maybe she could sneak into Stryker’s office and look through some of his papers while they were otherwise occupied.

Avery locked the front door. Her heart pounded, and her blood rushed as she worked on scanning through all the paperwork in the inbox and then in the outbox on Stryker’s desk. Automatically picking up a dirty coffee cup from Stryker’s desk, she tried to open a file cabinet but found it was locked. There was a noise in the office next door, and then the front door opened. Caught with nowhere to go, she carried his cup out of the office.

Declan walked in the door and pocketed his keys. “Who locked the door?”

“The last one to go in or out of that door was Stryker.” Not a lie but not an answer to the question asked.

Declan paused. “Is Stryker in there?” He nodded in the direction of the room she was exiting.

“No, I was dropping off something and grabbing his coffee cup to clean.”

“He’s washing his cup now?”

Avery frowned and looked inside the cup. “Well, I am. This is disgusting.”

Declan laughed. “I could get used to you. But a word to the wise. I’d have it washed and then refilled with coffee as soon as he walks in the door, so he doesn’t notice right away that you’ve washed it.”

“Why? Doesn’t he like it cleaned?”

“Nope. Says it adds character and flavor to his next cup.”

Avery rolled her eyes. “Right.”

“Hey, I’m Declan, but I don’t have time to chat. I’ll see you at dinner or lunch soon. Yeah?”

“Oh, um, yes.”


That was too close for comfort. Avery wasn’t up to this spy business. Going behind people’s back kept her stomach in an uproar. The honesty in her bones was rioting, and it was more than a little uncomfortable. Something told her if Stryker ever found out, she would be one sorry woman.

Author Bio:

Alyssa Bailey is a USA Today and Amazon No. 1 bestselling author of Historical and Contemporary Suspense romances, Alyssa writes light, realistic romance novels full of sizzling alpha males and the spicy adventuresome women they love. My characters live in Cowboy Country, Regency/Victorian England, and the Contemporary realm all with a touch of suspense and a Happily Ever After.

A proud Texan living among the wealth of Alaska's beauty, I watch eagles fly overhead, whales and salmon frolicking in the sea, seals clapping for attention, and bears in the neighbor's garbage. I vacation where rattlesnakes and scorpions roam beside black widow spiders, cattle country, rodeos, and horses that are eager to take you on your own happy trails.

Thank you for reading my adventures of love with a touch of something special.

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