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Monday, October 17, 2022

Author Spotlight for Kim Pollack McGrath


Little Tree, Ask Me!

By Kim Pollack McGrath

Genre: Children's Picture Book 

Little Tree is thirsty from the hot summer sun.

Throughout the day various prairie animals pass his way, but no one has any water for the Little Tree.

Will Little Tree ever get a drink?

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A Fable About Miss Able

Based on the Survival of the First Monkey Into Outer Space

By Kim Pollack McGrath

Genre: Children's Picture Book

Miss Able lives in a castle with other monkeys in Independence, Kansas. Miss Able sees a baseball that was hit by Mantle fly above her and she thinks it is a shooting star. She becomes fascinated by that shooting star and dreams of going into space and being a shooting star. One day some men from NASA came and selected Miss Able to be placed into a rocket to see if anything alive can survive in outer space. Miss Able couldn't believe it! Her dream had come true. Read all about Miss Able’s adventure in this fun and educational story, A Fable about Miss Able.

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The Carefree Tumbleweed

By Kim Pollack McGrath

Genre: Children's Picture Book

Little Tumbleweed is so excited to start his journey. He doesn't CARE who he meets or what he sees, as long as he's rollin' FREE with the breeze. He encounters animals that don't want anything to do with him. So he keeps rollin', rollin', rollin' until he meets that one special friend. Read about Little Tumbleweed's adventure from beginning to end with his new happy, carefree friend.

Kim Pollock McGrath lives in Kansas and Texas. She has 3 children, one granddaughter, and two dogs. She loves hiking, exploring for little treasures, and rock hounding. Her number one passion was basketball until she discovered her love for creating. Sharing her passion for reading and story time with her students, has led Kim to become an author.

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  1. These books sounds like wonderful children's books to share with the kids!

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