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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Release Day Blitz for Flying Into Crepuscular by Malek Montag

Flying Into Crepuscular by Malek Montag
Published September 28, 2019
Young Adult/Fantasy

Synopsis -

The mighty Wokwan, a thousand-year-old dragon, has lost something. An irreplaceable item stolen from her by the sorceress Bab Yaga; who desires hegemony over Hinterland and the Empire of Tudihgai.

Hanna has lost someone dear to her. Her mother-in-law sold her brother Mika to the same sorceress of the great Crepuscular Forest, Bab Yaga.

Princess Xai Kai, heir to the Crepuscular throne, has lost her parents and her beloved friend. Now her guardian Skrawan seeks her hand in marriage.

These three females find one another and become bound together by their own losses that seem to be connected in some way. Will an alliance of these three faithful hearts bring an end to the gathering dark, stop the machinations of an axis of greed and lust, and restore peace to their lands and people?

About Malek Montag

I have been writing on and off for the past thirty years, 
developing and perfecting my craft 
and always striving to be better than my best 
by working through self-help books and learning from other authors skills 
and tips to take my work forward.
Recently, I have taken the self-publication route with this the first NOVELLA 
following on from the publication of two collections of erotic-romance short stories. 
You’ll find links these above. 
Up-coming titles to look out for are Marianne and Mz Exquizite
other novellas that take a dark twist amid the hot sheets.
I also write in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. 
So, look out for The American (Horror); Five Dark Run (Sci-Fi);  
Doctor Swain’s Rainbow of Remedies (Fantasy), all currently works in progress. 
Or check out my two Channillo series, Orlova the Assassin and Trazz III
Both are in the sci-fi genre.
I live alone with my imagination and Money Tree in a not so spacious one-bunk Hilton, 
and spend my time working, writing, reading, 
and looking after my bestest pal in all the world, my son The Dude.
Please feel free to visit me at Twitter @Malek_Montag15 
or on Facebook as just plain and simple Malek Montag, 
or e-mail me at

I would love to hear from you. Speak soon. MM


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