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Monday, May 23, 2022

Blog Tour, Review, & Giveaway for Envy by Eva Charles

“Beyond wonderful!”
--Angel Payne, USA Today Bestselling Author

Envy, the dark arranged marriage romance and the final book in The Sinful Empire Trilogy from bestselling author Eva Charles, is available now!

My dark prince. My greatest temptation. My husband.

Antonio Huntsman isn’t the prince of childhood fairy tales.
He’s savage and dangerous.
The ruthless king I need.
The beast I crave.

Together we’ll fight the monsters.
The demons threatening to tear us apart.
The villains who will stop at nothing to destroy everything.
Our family.
Our valley.
Our love.

There will be no mercy.
We will take no prisoners.
I pray we make it out alive.

Envy is the heart-stopping conclusion to A Sinful Empire Trilogy, which begins with Greed. It is a dark romance with dark themes.
Forbidden fruit has never been sweeter, especially the final bite…

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

This is definitely the conclusion we have been waiting for!! Daniela and Antonio have had lots of ups and downs but by this point they know that they are in love. That does not stop danger from coming for them though. Antonio will go all out when it comes to keeping her safe now he knows she is his world. Makes for fabulous fast paced story as everything plays out leading to their HEA. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.

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He’s inches from my face. His eyes a black, soulless window into his corner of hell.
“I want to lay you over that table and beat you with my belt, until your skin is flayed open.”
They’re just words, Daniela. I swallow the fear creeping in. “But you won’t.”
His mouth crashes into mine, stealing my thoughts, my breath, and what’s left of my composure.
“But I won’t,” he murmurs, when he pulls back. “Not today.”
“Not ever,” I whisper.
“I wouldn’t take that bet if I were you.”
He’s wrestling with a demon, and I attempt to drag him away. “I’d take that bet anytime, anywhere. You won’t hurt me.”
When I lay out my unwavering faith in his love, he groans, as if in pain, and rests his forehead against mine. His breathing is ragged, and there’s an intensity about him even in repose. The fight’s not over. He’s merely catching his breath.
I ache to wrap my arms around him, but he’s holding my wrists securely in one hand. “Let me touch you,” I plead, softly.
His grip tightens, as though the prospect of my touch threatens him in some way.
Antonio lifts his head and peers into my eyes while his free hand slides under my sundress. He isn’t patient. There are no light caresses to my inner thighs to build my arousal. He goes straight to my panties, and wedges his feet between mine, pushing my legs apart, while his thumb skates over the gusset, working the silky fabric into my wet flesh.
“Someone might come in. And I need to get back to the girls.”
“The nurses will find you when it’s time.” He nips my bottom lip, with the devil dancing in his eyes. “But no one’s coming in. Not even if you scream.”

About Eva Charles
Eva Charles is the best-selling author of sexy romantic suspense, and contemporary romance. She spent a career working as a social worker and an attorney, specializing in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and civil rights. Aspects of this work often sneak their way into her books.
When she's not writing steamy stories, trying to squeeze information out of her tight-lipped sons, or playing with the two naughtiest dogs you've ever met, Eva's creating chapters in her own love story.

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