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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Release Blitz & Review for I'll Be Your Wolf by Darcy Rose



by Darcy Rose
Release Date:June 23rd
Genre/Tropes: Paranormal/Dark Shifter Romance/Instalove/Fated Mates





As a lone wolf, I’ve been out on my own for a long time.

I keep my distance from humans and stay hidden in the woods, making sure I never get too close.

 Until the day I find her lying on the forest floor, beaten, broken, alone.

I never expected my mate to be a human, or so beautiful. Everything about her makes me want to mark her and claim her as mine. But I can’t, I won’t. Not yet.

 Things get worse when she tries to escape, and the wolf in me breaks free, revealing the beast beneath. My mate can run, but she can never hide.

***This is a short and steamy novella including dark elements. Story ends in a HEA.***

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.
Well this book is certainly different. I must say that it definitely includes triggers so if that is something that is not for you then I would not read this, but if that is okay then give it a shot you may like it. We meet Emma who is trying to stay hidden from a horrible evil past foster father who abused her.  Things are fine until he shows up at her work one night. She tries to avoid him but the next things she knows she is waking up in his trunk as he drives to the middle of no where. Once he stops things just get worse and he leaves her for dead. Enter Cole a lone wolf shifter who has no memory of his childhood who lives alone in a cabin. He scents her from afar and manages to save her in time. The problem is that he can tell she is his mate but as a human she doesn't really sense anything. Poor Cole has no clue how to tell her so things are pretty rough for a while. I was glad when he finally figured out how to create the bond so things didn't feel so against her will. Made for an intriguingly dark read to say the least. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.  

About the Author:

If you like your stories short, taboo and kinky, then a Darcy Rose book is perfect for you. She writes about shy and innocent heroines, to match them up with dark and intense heroes who have only eyes for one girl.

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