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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Excerpt Reveal for The Billionaire's Mistake by Lia Hunt

by Lia Hunt  
The Intern Trilogy #2 
 Release Date: July 27th  
Contemporary romance, workplace romance    
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Her hands eagerly free me of my pants, and then those painfully soft fingers run along the edge of my cock before fisting around it, pumping the hardness slowly as I groan. God, how I missed the feel of her touching me. She’s no longer hesitant like she was those first few times. No longer needing direction or guidance or reassurance. In this moment, I can almost forget that I took her virginity and marked her the way that no other man will. Almost. There’s an energy, an urgency about the way she’s gripping my c**k, like she needs this as much as I do. And hell, I hate to even think that I need it, but I know it’s true. Need is coursing through me, driving me like a man starving and lost, and she’s the only path home. And then when I think that, I remember her betrayal and how she pretended to want me because she was paid to. Hate fuck, I remind myself.   
The Billionaire’s Mistake is a classic billionaire-chases-former-virgin romance - if your idea of classic is steamy, steamy angst with another plot twist that will make you gasp… No one says no to me. I’ve never worked to get laid in my life. Women throw themselves at my feet. My last name is enough for models, socialites, actresses, and A-listers--I hardly even have to buy them dinner first. Emery got hired to date me. She seduced me, gave me her first time, and then quit working for me to run back to Kansas. She went from marble halls to mucking horse stalls. It’s more than insulting, it’s baffling. There’s no way I’m letting her get away that easily. Even if I have to land in the middle of fly-over country myself. Remind her exactly what she’s missing. I might even have to remind her twice. Fine, three times, max. Who am I kidding? Her perfect, sweet small town is an addiction I can’t kick. Nothing about my obsession with Emery is typical. My custom suits have no place in a barn. Then again, neither does she. She belongs at my side. In my bed. And she’d better not be keeping any other secrets from me. Book two of three in the Intern Trilogy.      
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