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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Release Blitz & for Wish Marked by Lissa Bolts



Wish Marked by Lissa Bolts

The first book in an all-new urban fantasy series of Stones & Curses filled with action, adventure, treachery and a dash of slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance.



 “We have to help.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Nora, I know you have a soft spot for animals. But that is not an animal. That is a dragon, and it would happily shit your bones after swallowing you whole. Now come on. We need to get out of here before one of them scents us.”

He was right. I knew he was right. And yet…




“What a wild ride this was! This story takes you to strange places and introduces you to some fascinating entities. I do not suggest starting this book until you have the time needed to finish it. Lissa's books grab you from the first page and do not let go. Putting them down is a physical effort.” – Amazon Review


“First of all, the cover is beautiful! Then we get to the dedication page and…. She wasn’t lying. The last chapter is a doozy but WELL worth it! Lissa Boots really captures your attention with the first few chapters and you won’t want to put this book down until you’re finished with it.” – Amazon Review


“I loved this book so much! Lissa once again did a fabulous job combining real world elements, with a secret magical world, in the first book of her enchanting new series!” – Goodreads Review


“I should have know from the dedication that it was gonna be good!! Love love love this story. The FMC is so up my alley with her witty, sarcastic humor. Then we have the broody MMC, very swoony. There are so many interesting realms and characters. Everything from witches to dragons, shifters and elves just to name a few!! The adventures they get into are so exciting and that ending…I can not wait for the next book to come out!!!” – Goodreads Review


“LOVED this story! Nora is so easily likeable and it's easy to sympathize with her right from the beginning. The world building is fantastic, fresh, and beautifully written. And can we just talk about Rafe? Handsome, broody man—yes, please! I loved their connection and the slow turn from "we might be enemies" to "I kinda want to just kiss you" XD Looking forward to the next book in the series!” – Goodreads Review








Hi. I’m Nora, and I bring people’s worst nightmares to life.

Everyone needs a hobby, right?

Gah. Don’t look at me like that. It’s not like I do it on purpose. I’m cursed. Like bonafide needle-pricking, frog-kissing, poison-apple cursed. Except worse because in addition to slowly chipping away at my soul, this thing will eventually kill me too.

Let me start over…

It all goes back to wishes. The damned things come true around me but in the worst possible way. And I don’t mean that lightly because, well… sometimes people wind up dead.

The kicker? Once I grant my quota of ill-fated desires, that’s it for me. Finito. I know because there were others before me. Just our sick family heritage. We screw people over, and then we die. Hell of a way to live, right?

I think I might be the last one too. I’ve searched my whole life and found nothing. No answers. No cure. Not one hint of magic in this entire world besides me.

Well, that is… until today.


*This is the first book in the all-new urban fantasy series: Stones & Curses. If you like fierce heroines with hearts of gold, edge-of-your-seat adventure, a touch of swoony romance, and enough mind-blowing treachery to leave you wondering what in the world just happened, this is the series for you.



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