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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Accacia's Curse by Bea Paige

Accacia's Curse: A reverse harem novel (Sisters of Hex Book 1)

Book one in the Sisters of Hex series. What a strong start to a new series. Meet Accacia who believes she has that disease that makes her allergic to the sun so she has grown up inside in the dark all her life. Now she is right that the sun will hurt her but her reason why is a little off. She excels at working in the lab but one night a co-worker of hers will not take no for an answer. Just when she thinks things are going to go bad she is saved by a hot guy that she has never seen before. What makes it even better is that he will not go away and he comes with two more equally hot guys. These guys are from a whole different world and so is Accacia. To make it even better they obviously have a secret that they wish to keep from her but in the mean time things get nice and steamy with one of them. This is a great story that is full of magic, danger, suspense, fantasy, erotica, and more that will truly keep the reader hooked until they hit the very last page. Since it is a RH novel I imagine things will heat up even more in the next installment which I am really looking forward to. I really enjoyed it so i give it 4/5 stars.

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