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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Release Blitz, Review, & Giveaway for Daughter of Souls & Silence by Annie Anderson


by Annie Anderson 

Rogue Ethereal - Book 2 

Release Date: NOVEMBER 13, 2018

 Genre: Urban Fantasy

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A Council full of Ethereal Elders wants me dead. Yep, it’s a regular Tuesday.

When you kill a demon there are consequences. 

Centuries-old witch, tattoo artist, half-demon… none of those titles are going to save me this time. The only way I’m going to get out of my death sentence is to take down the biggest, baddest demon there is… My father.

And I thought being burned at the stake was bad...



“Do you know why you’re here?” the blonde dragon asks. Her accent is thick, maybe Russian or Ukrainian perhaps. 

“I have an idea,” I drawl, my left eyebrow hitching up without permission.

Oh, I had more than an idea. I knew exactly why I was here. It probably had something to do with the demon I’d killed. 

“Good, then we’ll dispense with the pleasantries. Maxima Alcado, born Maxima Christina Arcadios, Rogue Witch, denounced member of the former Arcadios coven, shunned daughter of the Demon Andras and Pacific Northwest coven leader, Teresa Alcado, sole heir to the royal seat, you are hereby accused of murdering your Master, Micah Goode, with a forbidden instrument.”

A high-pitched buzzing takes over my hearing as a biting cold seems to seep into my limbs. I hate that name. Hate the way my body betrays me every single time I hear it. Both his name and the one I was given when I came into this world. Arcadios. I’d thought I’d buried that part of me just like my mother had. I guess not. And Micah’s. I hate the way just the specter of him makes it so I can’t go home, can’t even look at my house without my breath coming in these same short pants of an impending panic attack. 

It isn’t fair. I didn’t ask to be branded. I didn’t ask to be born in the family I was. And that’s why Micah wanted me. Because of who my family was. Because of the blood running in my veins.

I guess the self-defense excuse was probably moot here.

I open my mouth to say just that when I hear my Gramma’s voice in my head, her crisp English accent echoing through the edges of my brain.

Don’t say a word, Maxima dear. I’ll fix this. I swear to you. I’ll fix this.

I meet her warm brown eyes, knowing she means it, but also knowing that if it came to it, I might be beyond saving. 

“Have you nothing to say?” the Witch asks, his tone snide as he sneers at me. 

I shift my gaze from Bernadette to him, keeping my face impassive, looking him over. Yes, he’s attractive, but his sneer sours his looks. My assessment must unnerve him because he shifts in his seat. 

Probably used to a bit more groveling, I’d bet.

“So be it,” he pauses – probably for effect – taking over the speaking for the dragon, a little upward crook of his mouth. “The sentence for your crimes is death. Do you have anything to say now?”

It turns out I didn’t.

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

Okay I think this one just might be better then book one. We pick up right where it ended with her having to go before the council for killing Micah. Well of course she has to change things to go her way but the council has a hidden agenda that includes her father. Given a task she cannot stand she has to figure out a way to make everyone happy while still being true to herself. Great world building and so full of surprises it will really keep you guessing. If you like fantasy I bet you will like this one. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.


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About the Author:
Annie Anderson is a military wife and United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she is a southern girl at heart, but has lived all over the US and abroad. As soon as the military stops moving her family around, she’ll settle on a state, but for now she enjoys being a nomad with her husband, two daughters, an old man of a dog, and a young pup that makes life… interesting.

In her past lives, Annie has been a lifeguard, retail manager, dental lab technician, accountant, and now she writes fast-paced thrillers with some serious heat.

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