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Saturday, November 17, 2018

What Goes Bump in the Night: A Halloween Paranormal Romance Anthology

 What Goes Bump In The Night: A Halloween Paranormal Romance Anthology

Okay so it took me a little bit to read all of this, but man was it so worth the time!! I am a huge fan of Yumoyori Wilson, C.R. Jane, Beth Hendrix, Elle Cross, Mila Young, Sky Mackinnon, Joely Sue Burkhart, and Bea Paige so of course I had to buy it to keep up with my series or their work in general. The other authors I was at least familiar with though it was nice to read a small sample of their work and now I admit I am hooked needing to read more as if my TBR was not long enough already. If you like Paranormal romance and are okay with novellas then this is the perfect box set to buy. I highly doubt you will regret it! I totally loved the whole thing so I give it 5/5 stars.

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