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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway for Alien King Crashes the Wedding by Becca Brayden

Alien King Crashes the Wedding
Becca Brayden
(Lumerian Knights #1)
Publication date: August 7th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction

Art dealer Sasha Montgomery is both nervous and thrilled to be invited to the Caldorian Earth Base for her best friend’s wedding to an alien warrior. One, she’s never seen an alien up close, and two, she made a promise to be there, no matter how much the idea of being surrounded by hundreds of huge alien warriors frightens her.

She thinks she’s got it all under control, until Dagan, the groom’s best friend, crashes the wedding. He’s smoking hot—way too hot to be an alien—and determined to seduce her.

Sasha gives in to passion with unexpected consequences. Ancient power rises in response to their new-found bond, and the once innocent Sasha discovers that Dagan has been keeping secrets. He’s not just another warrior, he’s a king, and the power rising between them hasn’t been seen in a millennium.

Sasha must learn to control the force clawing its way through her body…or destroy them all.

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“And finally”—he sighed—“where is my woman hiding? She skipped out right after dinner again.”

Falden tapped his earpiece and requested the whereabouts of the young woman who would perhaps, one day, be his queen. “She is heading outside with a towel. Cassiel says she’s headed in our general direction. He and Vander are following behind.”

“There are a lot of hot tubs and a large pool out here. I don’t want her stopping at one of those,” directed Dagan with a growing smile. “Make sure she makes it all the way over here.”

“Understood,” Gareth said, a smile in his voice. He passed the order on to Cassiel before they re-activated their acoustic cloaking devices, leaving Dagan alone once more. Dagan trusted them implicitly. They would make sure she made it to him safely and none the wiser. They had been with him for years and knew he didn’t have casual relationships. They knew what was at stake for him.

The moon was a bright crescent overhead but the sky was overcast. She would barely have enough light to make her way to him. Dagan closed the lid on the box of glowing maju stones, one of Caldor’s preferred sources of energy, so that she would be less likely to see him before climbing into the hot tub. It was frigid and the hot water quickly turned to mist in the cold winter air, further obscuring his presence. Maybe if she couldn’t see him very well she wouldn’t be so afraid of him, thought Dagan. She could let down her guard and start to trust him. It was a solid plan and he relaxed in the water, content to wait for his little human to come to him.

He wouldn’t have to wait long, he decided, after hearing a large splash followed by a woman’s shriek, then a short time later another splash and more screaming. He chuckled softly. Sometimes, it was good to be king.

Author Bio:

Becca Brayden spends her days writing and her nights dreaming up her next hot adventure with even hotter alien hunks. A Colorado native, she has lived in New Zealand, Florida, Alabama, Kansas and loves to travel in direct proportion to how much she hates to cook. Chocolate makes her happy, licorice makes her cringe, and despite the cult following - she hates pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes. (More for you!) Natural wanderlust has given her a deep love for Mediterranean food and a bookshelf filled with everything from philosophy to sexy romance.

She believes that if we are to save our great planet and all its amazing inhabitants, we must put aside our differences and collectively work together!!

You can catch her enjoying a cup of hot cocoa at her website

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