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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Embarking On Murder by Sue Owens Wright

Embarking on Murder

Book three in the Beanie & Cruiser Mystery series. Beanie is turning 50 and her daughter (plus Skip) take her on a Tahoe dinner cruise. Things are going good until the ship hits something and then a lady falls overboard ever to be found again making her assumed dead. Beanie has doubts about this being an accident but the cops have no plans to investigate so of course she has to nose round a little bit. On top of that there starts being reports of a monster in the lake that may be attacking people which she is asked to write an article about. What follows in a strange investigation with lots of seemingly unrelated facts that eventually all add up to expose the bad guy. I admit that enjoy the Beanie/Cruiser relationship but there were parts of this book that really bogged down that I did not enjoy. The other parts were good though with lots of little details worked into place. If you enjoy a slow paced cozy mystery with a canine sidekick this is the book for you. I liked it but did really enjoy it so it gets 3/5 stars.

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