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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber

A Fatal Twist (Downward Dog Mystery, #4)

Book four in the Downward Dog Mystery series. For this installment Kate is training to be a Doula show she can help when her best friend has her twins. As if that  does not make her busy enough Michael brings home a set of puppies for them to foster in the hopes that Bella will like them though this ends up causing issues before it is all said and done. Things start out smoothly enough but over time chaos ensues which brings chaos to poor Bella though I give her mad props for trying to be so sweet. While dealing with all of these stressors Kate stumbles across a dead body shortly after seeing a yoga student of hers fleeing the area. Of course Kate starts investigating only this time most of her friends help her instead of hindering her or asking her not to get involved. I think they can see a losing battle when confronted with one. The pregnancy angle (as well as the puppies) adds humor to the story as the married couple bicker back and forth about what is best for momma as well as the twins. I had to give her props on the smoothies as I was so not drinking those. Another great installment to this wonderful series and I highly recommend it to fans of cozy mysteries with a canine sidekick. I really enjoyed it so it gets 4/5 stars.

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