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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Homicide In Hardcover by Kate Carlisle

Homicide In Hardcover (A Bibliophile Mystery, #1)

Book one in the Bibliophile Mystery series. Being a big reader and lover of books I figured this series would be right up my alley once I read what it was about and it did not disappoint. Meet Brooklyn who loves books so much she went to school in order to learn how to repair and preserve them. She really has skills I must say and the author really did her research before writing about the true intricacies of this process which I found rather enjoyable. Brooklyn is invited to a huge event that features the man that trained her initially but when she goes to meet him she finds him dead on the floor. Of course this makes her the main suspect for the killing so she find herself asking question in an effort to clear her name. The story follows a twisting turning route after this that really keeps the reader guessing along the way. The personal side of the story is great and I find myself already hooked to the characters wondering what trouble they will find themselves in next. If you enjoy cozy mysteries that have a literary focus to them then you have to try this book. I really enjoyed so it gets 4/5 stars.

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