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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Curried Away by Gail Oust

 Curried Away (Spice Shop Mystery #4)

Book four in the Spice Shop Mystery series. For this installment of the series Piper gets roped into investigating after her best friend (and general accomplice to be honest) is accused of killing the play Director after an argument the two of them had. Of course Reba Mae did not do it but the evidence claims otherwise so Piper starts asking questions. The problem is that by this point the whole town knows she is looking into things so they start coming to her which just makes things even funnier to be honest. This is another well written installment in this wonderful series that will keep the reader hooked as they wonder what is going to happen next or what will they find. The spice details are just the cherry on top of the cake that make a good book even better. If you enjoy well written cozies that feature a store owner with a bit of culinary flair to it then you have to try this series. I really enjoyed reading it so I give it 4/5 stars.

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