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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rise of the Isle of the Lost by Melissa De la Cruz

Rise of the Isle of the Lost (Descendants #3)

Book three in the Descendants series. Written for grades 4-7 these books tell the stories of the kids of the villains from pretty much all of the Disney movies. The bad guys were all rounded up onto an island where there is a barrier that prevents them from accessing magic. In the first book it was decided that some of the kids wold be brought back to join the others and go to school together. By this book the kids are nice and settled after saving the day in the first two books, but then things go wonky again when Triton's trident goes missing. They have to find it before the remaining island residents do. This leads to a race for the finish line that leads to a very interesting battle. Since I am a huge Disney fan these are the perfect books for me as they blend the characters I love already with new ones along with plenty of action, fantasy, magic, and in-depth personalities. This book is perfect for the age group it was written for. I really enjoyed reading it so it gets 4/5 stars.

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