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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler

Wolf Trouble (SWAT, #2)

Book two in the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series. Since I enjoyed the first book I just had to move right to the next one after I finished it to see where the story was going next. We got to meet the entire team in book one but for this one we get to learn more about Xander one of the leaders of the two teams they use. To maintain PC requirements Gage has to add a female to his squad. This freaks out the others because they have never seen a female werewolf and they are not wanting to have to hide what they can do from a civilian/human one. Luckily Gage knows where a female shifter is so he recruits her to their team which she is happy to do since she has some drama at her current home. Khaki is excited to join the SWAT team at least until she overhears Xander trying to remove her from his team. She thinks he does not like her so she tries extra hard to earn his approval. What she doesn't know is that he really likes her too much so he trying to keep his distance. The struggle between the two is quite comical and the addition of the bad guys just makes it that much better. The blend of romance, action, and shifters is an awesome combination making it a must read for fans of those genres. I give it 4/5 stars.

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