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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A High-End Finish by Kate Carlisle

A High-End Finish (A Fixer-Upper Mystery, #1)

Book one in the Fixer-Upper Mystery series. I have been wanting to try this series for a while now so I was happy that I was finally able to get to the first book. The setting is Lighthouse Cove which is a small seaside town in northern California where Shannon has lived her entire life. She grew up as the daughter of a contractor and loved going on jobs with him so as she got older she learned everything she could so she could be just as good as him. When dad had a heart attack and was forced to retire she was more than happy to step in as the head of the construction company and I will admit she really seems to know what she is doing. Her specialty is restoring Victorian houses to their previous glory. With several jobs going on at the same time Shannon bounces between them all checking on her crew until she gets call about running water in one of their jobs. She goes to check it out only to find the dead body of man she had a blind date with a few days before that really did not end well. The new chief of police believes she is guilty (at least for a little while) so of course she feels compelled to investigate to help clear her name. Soon little accident start happening which quickly becomes obvious are not really accidents. As the danger level increases so does the personal side of the story until the two collide in an interesting finale that I rather enjoyed. I highly recommend this book to fans of cozy mysteries with a strong female character. Since I really enjoyed reading it I give 4/5 stars.

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