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Friday, September 8, 2017

Cat Got Your Secrets by Julie Chase

Cat Got Your Secrets (Kitty Couture Mystery, #3)

*I received an ARC copy from Netgalley which I voluntarily decided to write an honest review for. Expected publication date is September 12, 2017.

Book three in the Kitty Couture Mystery series. I fell in love with this series after the first two books thanks to the pet treats, the pet costumes, and Lacy herself. Those three together are the perfect combination to create something funny, mysterious, and captivating all at the same time. Lacy has gotten comfortable with her life and is gearing up for Valentine's day which is just around the corner. Things are going smoothly until she goes to drop off a party pet treat order to discover that one of her Dad's friends has been found dead. As if that was not bad enough he quickly becomes the number one suspect  once they know he was murdered even though Jack does not really think that he did just that the evidence at first suggests so. Before she even really gets involved in the investigation she starts receiving threats that cause her to spend quite a bit of time with Jack as he stays around to protect her which I admit I enjoyed since I am rooting for him and not Chance. The case quickly collides with the secret case the two of them have been working on making things become a whole lot clearer then they were in the last two books. This book is a must read for fans of cozy mysteries that include animals since I smile every time that Penelope climbs onto the Roomba for a ride. I really enjoyed reading this installment so it gets 4/5 stars.

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