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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Haunted by James Patterson

Haunted (Michael Bennett, #10)

Book ten in the Michael Bennett series. Michael is having some issues in this book as he deals with his son going to trial for the possession of drugs. He is being used as an examples since he is a cops son and this pushes Michael a little over the edge as he goes a little too far when dealing with the bad guys. It is firmly suggested that he take a vacation with his family once the son is sentenced which is what he tries to do. Little does he know that his old partner really needs his help with a tough situation instead of just being nice by helping the vacation details. Things all work out in the end (for the most anyways) ending on a nicer note. I have to admit that I enjoyed the mystery part of the story even if the family parts got a little too repetitive for me. The inside look at a large law enforcement family is enlightening showing another side that many do not consider. I like the progression in the series and am really looking forward to what happens next for this giant family as they deal with everything going on around them while possibly making life altering decisions. I really enjoyed it so it gets 4/5 stars.

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