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Monday, September 11, 2017

Her True Match by Paige Tyler

Her True Match (X-Ops, #6)

Book six in the X-Ops series. I have just have to say WOW!!! I so did not see the end of this coming and it completely changes the story making me eager for the next installment in the series. For this one we finally get Dreya's story which I was curious about since she previously popped up stealing Thorn's stuff. After returning to town she gets restless and decides to go back to her thieving. What she doesn't know is that Braden (a local cop) is determined to catch in her in the act no matter what he has to do so when he shows up during her heist she gets nervous. It gets even worse when he finally arrests her showing that he caught her on video. Of course being a shifter the video has her extremely worried until the DCO shows up to save the day, but Braden refuses to let her go even following her to headquarters. When John sees how determined he is he recruits him to matching the two of them up as partners. As usual they are thrown into the deep end fast forced to sink or swim. Just as they start to work well together all hell breaks loose which leads up to shocking finale which blew my mind away. This is an absolute must read for fans of paranormal romance novels with a military lean to the story. I really enjoyed it so it gets 4/5 stars.

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