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Monday, September 18, 2017

Southern Fried by Tonya Kappes

Southern Fried (Kenni Lowry Mystery #2)

Book two in the Kenni Lowry Mystery series. Since most of the facts were established in the first book this one went real smooth as Kenni was already comfortable with the ghost of her Poppa being around. Book one ends with the discovery of a new body and this one picks up just as they show up to look at it. The dead guy was found on top of one ladies prize winning tomatoes and it was easy to see that electric barbed wire had been used on him even though as far as Kenni knows no one in the area uses any. The autopsy also shows he was poisoned. What follows is quite the in depth investigation into the dead mans family and quite a few secrets come to light all the way to surprise ending. The introduction of a new person running for the sheriff position leads to some interesting controversy that can spill over into further books increasing the drama even further. Overall this is a really good mystery novel with a law enforcement main character that I highly recommend to fans of that genre. Since I really enjoyed it I give it 4/5 stars.

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