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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Hunt by Chloe Neill

The Hunt (Devil's Isle, #3)

Book three in the Devil's Isle series. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!!!! This entire series has been absolutely incredible and this installment did not let me down. After book two ended with a cliff hanger I was dying to gets my hands on this one so I could see what happens next which is why I pre-ordered it and got my hands on it release day. In a truly inspired style Claire forces Liam to admit what he did and that it was wrong (though it does take quite a bit of time for him to do that). I really enjoyed this because most female characters would have caved before hand but not our independent Claire. She has a mind of her won and knows how to use it which she shows very well throughout this entire book. The suspense heats up and of course there is yet another cliff hanger. I highly recommend this book to anyone that read the first two and if you enjoy great YA fantasy books then you definitely need to give these a shot. I loved it so much it gets 5/5 stars. My only regret is that now I have to wait yet again to find out what happens next and the release date hasn't even been rumored yet this time. Go Chloe!!!!

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