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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Blog Tour, Character Interview, & Review for Trending Topic #Murder by Sarah E. Burr


Character Interview

Character Name: Coco Cline

1)      Tell us a little bit about yourself--both something we learn from [the story] and something that readers might not guess? 
I have a confession to make. My name isn’t really Coco – it’s actually Cordelia. Back when I was in high school, I got teased endlessly for having such an “old fashioned” name. Add it to the fact that I wasn’t a size zero, and I became known as “Gordy Cordy” by our resident queen bee Amanda Langworth. In desperate search of a more fabulous moniker, my friends and I came up with Coco—and it stuck! Just about everyone on social media knows me as Coco Cline, due to the success of my lifestyle blog Your Way Today. Only my parents have held out and still call me Delia.

One thing that might surprise readers? Hmmm, that’s hard because I’m pretty much an open book when it comes to my life. Although, I really haven’t told anyone this little tidbit: as much as I dream about my boyfriend Hudson getting down on one knee and proposing each time we go somewhere special…I really, really want it to be a complete surprise when he asks me to marry him. He’s got his work cut out for him because I often daydream about all the ways he could surprise me with a proposal!

2)      How did you first meet your writer?
Sarah and I first met after she’d just survived a big move, away from family and friends, to the big city of New York. Sarah was in a bit of a funk, wondering if she’d made the right choices regarding her career and her life and whether she’d ever find another fabulous main character to write about. That was my cue! I strolled in through her apartment door, and I have been cheering her on ever since. After all, she’d just moved to New York, something she dreamed about as a kid! What better place to pursue your dreams and try to make your mark on the world, right?
3)      Want to dish about him/her?
She’s a total nerd! I’m not throwing shade – I use the term “nerd” in the most loving of ways. While I would rather be out shopping or going to a glitzy fundraiser with my squad, Sarah would rather be video gaming or binging a mystery series on TV. She’s a homebody, and I love her for it. It gives her more time to work out the kinks in my life.
4)      Why do you think that your life has ended up being in a book?
Oh, gosh. I’m totally flattered by it. I worried after our popular smartphone app LiveIt was bought out by Facebook, I might find myself the subject of a David Fincher movie a la Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. But it seems what happened after the acquisition ended up being much more noteworthy than the big buyout itself. Celebrity blogger turned social media consultant turned amateur detective? It has a certain ring to it, right? LOL. But honestly, my life wouldn’t be half as entertaining if I didn’t have my besties Jasper and Charlotte by my side, not to mention my dreamboat boyfriend, Hudson. Without them, I never would have made it this far!
5)      Who's your favorite character? Why? 
Oh, gosh. How do I choose between my boyfriend, my best friend since 2nd grade, and the closest girl friend I’ve ever had in life? Hudson, Jasper, and Charlotte are my squad. I can’t choose one of them. They’ve had my back through thick and thin, going along with my crazy schemes, and catering to my wild whims. Every single one of them would take a bullet for me, and I for them. Thank goodness we haven’t had to…yet.
6)      Who's your least favorite character? Why? 
Life has a funny way of working out, you know? A few years ago, I would have answered my high school archnemesis, Amanda Langworth. She’s the one who labeled me “Gordy Cordy” after catching a peek at my jeans size in the changing rooms of JC Penney. But whether time mellowed her out or she had a lobotomy, Amanda has actually been incredibly kind and gracious to me ever since I returned to Central Shores. It’s Hudson’s co-anchor for the WMTG evening news that has become a thorn in my side. Tori Beals in all her perky glory definitely has her sights set on my man. I know Hudson would never do anything to hurt me. It’s Tori I don’t trust.
7)      What's next for you? 
Well, in my reality, summer is just around the corner in Central Shores, so I’m sure I’ll be busy with Fourth of July celebrations, especially if my town-councilor mother needs me to sprinkle some social media magic on town events. Then there’s my business, Center of Attention Consulting. I’ve gotten so many new clients lately. I just might have to look into hiring an assistant…

About Trending Topic #Murder


Cozy Mystery 1st in Series  
Publisher: Camel Press (September 8, 2020)  
Paperback: 218 pages  
ISBN-10: 1603816305  
ISBN-13: 978-1603816304  
Digital ASIN: B08DH78VXM 

Meet 28-year-old celebrity blogger Coco Cline, who has started her own social media consulting company in her hometown of Central Shores, Delaware. Her new clients, Peter and Olivia Chen, are ten days away from the grand opening of their specialty consignment shop when Coco finds their store clerk Stacy dead behind the register.


Worried that a cloud of suspicion will ruin their chances of a successful business launch, the Chens ask Coco to work alongside the inexperienced, small-town police force to speed up the investigation. Using her celebrity status and social media savviness, Coco realizes Stacy’s seemingly ordinary life was all an act. Following a trail of cryptic online posts and muddied gossip, Coco and her friends discover Stacy’s questionable relationships just might be the reason for her untimely demise.

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

What an intriguing start to a new series. Coco is a PR wiz knowing all the ins and outs of today's social media options. Trying to live a more peaceful life she in Jer small hometown in Delaware. I have never been there but after reading this I feel like I have as the author describes it so well. She is tackling the job of getting the word out for an upcoming new consignment shop when she stumbles across a clerk dead behind the register. In order to save the day she starts investigating using all the same skills she uses for her job. I must say it make for a slightly different style of read that today's readers are sure to enjoy. Plenty of characters are introduced to both love and hate mixed in with lots of clues that you may not even notice as it comes to a surprising ending. Makes for a solid start to this series that leaves me looking forward to more. Sure to delight fans of cozy mysteries. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.

About Sarah E. Burr

Sarah E. Burr grew up in the small town of Appleton, Maine and now lives outside New York City. Since she was seven, Sarah has wanted to be Nancy Drew, but she wasn’t stumbling across any mysteries in corporate America. Deciding it was time to follow her dreams, Sarah left her career in healthcare information technology three years ago and started writing mysteries of her own. The Trending Topic Mysteries is her first traditionally published series. Sarah also writes the Court of Mystery series.

Sarah attended Elmira College and graduated with degrees in Political Science and Philosophy & Religious Studies. She loves to weave these themes into her writing. When she’s not spinning up new stories, Ms. Burr is off seeing Broadway musicals, reading up a storm, video gaming, and enjoying walks around the city.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring TRENDING TOPIC #MURDER. Coco had such a great time doing her interview, and we're both thrilled you enjoyed the book! ~ Sarah E. Burr