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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gone With the Twins by Kylie Logan

Gone with the Twins (League of Literary Ladies #5)

Book five in  the League of Literary Ladies series. Bea is stressed for this book because a set of famous twins have moved to the island opening a huge B & B that competes with hers. This would not be a problem because she feels that there is enough business for them all but that changes once weird rumors start to pop up about her business and her personally. On top of that when she arrives at the home of a dead women to pay for furniture her as well as a group of others find the family member in charge dead in the basement. to make things even worse Bea's friend and neighbor Chandra becomes one of the main suspects making it necessary for Bea to find out what actually happen. She also has to find the source of the rumors as well. What she doesn't' know is that the murder and the rumors are more closely linked than she thinks. This book moved the arching story line along quite nicely and I was very happy with the development of the romance with Levi. With the surprise at the very end I am really looking forward to the next book in the series to see how it changes things for Bea around the island. I really enjoy all the books in this series so far so this one gets 4/5 stars just like the others.

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