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Monday, August 28, 2017

While the Duke Was Sleeping by Sophie Jordan

While the Duke Was Sleeping (The Rogue Files, #1)

Book one in the Rogue Files series. Well this is definitely a different type of romance book though I enjoyed every minute of it. Poppy works at a flower shop where she has convinced herself that she is love with the Duke that visits on a weekly basis. She has an entire dream romance going on in her head and he does not even know her name. After he leaves one day she sees him get into a fight outside with another man so she goes out to break it up when no one else will do anything. During the confusion the Duke is almost ran over by a carriage and when she pushes him out of the way he hits his head falling into a coma. Forced to travel home with him she is believed to be his fiance in all the confusion. Before she can fix this mistake the Duke's best friend asks her not to. This would not be a problem if the man he was fighting with was not his brother who she happens to be highly attracted to. As she desperately hopes to be with the Duke she falls in love with the brother and things really heat up when the Duke finally awakens. The development of this story had me laughing, and the interactions between the characters is great. I always love a good historical romance and the tweaks made with this one just made my day so it gets 4/5 stars.

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