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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Accidental Countess by Valerie Bowman

The Accidental Countess (Playful Brides, #2)

Book two in the Playful Brides series. Lucy may be married after the last book but she is definitely not done causing trouble especially when it comes to one of her best friends. Cassandra (Cass) has been in love with Julian since she was a teenager but she thought her loved was doomed because he was betrothed to her cousin plus he went off to war. When the news that he is returning goes around Cass cannot contain her excited and really wants to just see him if only once. When he shows up to talk to her cousin she gets roped into lying to him which in turns leads to the grand plot Lucy comes up with to save the day. As usual things go wrong and almost ruins everything but like any good romance novel things turn okay in the end with the happy couple together. This book moved a little a little slower than most romance books due to subterfuge going on which drove me a little wonky I must admit. It took a good 2/3 of the book before it really got good to me. I did enjoy catching up with the characters from the last book, and it was nice to read how Cass and Julian end up together. I marked it is 4/5 stars on Goodreads but will admit that it is really closer to a 3.5.

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