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Monday, August 14, 2017

Princess Charming by Nicole Jordan

Princess Charming

Book one in the Legendary Lovers series. This is a really cute historical romance novel. We get to meet the Wilde cousins as they banded together after the deaths of both sets of their parents to face the world. Now that they are a little older they begin to think that it is time to settle down and marry as they are expected to do. Ashton is the oldest so he goes on his search first only to run across a damsel in distress, Maura, that needs his help to get her beloved stallion back. Unfortunately she is not really interested in a romance much to his dismay. Ash's sister had this grand idea that each of them will find their true love if they only follow the events of certain fairy tales. She has Cinderella in mind for Ash with Maura being his princess. I have to admit I enjoyed this story so much because the female lead was so different from most since she runs and owns her own horse breeding operation. It was quite rare for woman to do that during that time which just made me admire her so much more. This gave her a back bone and at no point did she really need a man to come to her rescue which I always think is nice. This is a must read for those that love a good historical romance so I give it 4/5 stars.

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