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Friday, August 11, 2017

His Lordship's True Lady by Grace Burrowes

His Lordship's True Lady (True Gentlemen Book 4)

Book four in the True Gentlemen series. If you like historical romance novels than these are the books for you. Hessian is in search of a wife though after making a horrible first marriage he is looking for someone respectable to help him raise his new wards (three kids in all with one girl and two boys). He meets Lily Ferguson who at first glance meets all his requirements of respectability as well as being an heiress. He even enjoys spending time with her which is a pleasant surprise and the kisses are quite nice as well. Unfortunately Lily has a huge secret that no one knows about. When the truth starts to come out both of them begin scrambling to fix things because they have both fallen a little too close to love to give it up. I just loved the problem solving. They are able to fix  the situation to the advantage of all that matter while still keeping society in the dark at the same (this was a big deal during that time making it really necessary). Overall this is a really good romance novel that lets the two fall in love while still being historically accurate and slightly different from every other novel known to man. I like how Grace always changes things up in her books which is why I always have to get my hands on her new releases. I really enjoyed it so I give it 4/5 stars recommending it to fans of historical romances.

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