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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

The Day of the Duchess (Scandal & Scoundrel, #3)

Book three in the Scandal & Scoundrel series. Well this book is definitely different. the couple in the book are already married though things went horribly bad and they have been apart for almost three years. Seraphina shows up on the last day for the House of Lords marching to the middle of the floor and demands a divorce which as we all know was next to impossible back then. Malcolm the Duke of Haven has been looking for her since she left to no avail and he thinks that the time off for the Lords will provide him the time he needs to win her back because he has loved her the whole time. He makes her come stay at their country estate and she brings all of her sisters to proved back-up. This leads to some interesting fireworks and more as the Duke enacts some other plans of his during this stay too which throws others into the mix as well. The two of them love one another but thanks to past hurt, lies, and misunderstandings a huge moat of guilt, pain, and suffering stand between the two of them. Watching them find their back to each other was quite interesting and I really enjoyed so it gets 4/5 stars. I highly recommend all the books in the series to fans of historical romances.

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