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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lover Be Mine by Nicole Jordan

Lover Be Mine (Legendary Lovers, #2)

Book tow in the Legendary Lovers series. We catch up with the Wilde cousins again as they each embark on a quest to relive a great classical romance that will allow them to find their true love like family legend alludes to. It was a Cinderella story for book one, but this time we get Romeo & Juliet. Jack is up and his cousins have matched him with Sophie who just happens to belong to the family that theirs has been in a feud with for generations. Jack sneaks into a masquerade ball to meet the woman and of course he becomes so intrigued that he finds himself wanting to spend time with her even when he knows he cannot. This leads to quite a bit of sneaking around so they can spend some time together while also avoiding the Duke that is determined to court her. What had me cracking up was that the Aunt that is financially supporting Sophie is all for her romance with Jack even though her father is dead set against it. Once the two realize they care for one another they start doing everything they can to end the feud and get their families to give their blessings. I have to admit that this is a different type of romance with everything that is going on with both of their families. I enjoy it though felling it was breath of fresh air from the normal formula writing. I highly recommend it to fans of historical romance novels and since I really enjoyed it gets 4/5 stars.

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