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Monday, March 26, 2018

Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons by Ava Mason

Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons (RH Fated Alpha, #1)

Book one in the RH Fated Alpha series. Okay so I am in love after reading this book. We get to meet Elizabeth who has been raised as the alpha heir for her wolf shifter clan. The problem is that she has yet to shift and time is running out for her to do so. This has created a division in the pack ranks which her family pays the ultimate price for and she has to just survive while trying to figure all the craziness out. This book has some incredible world building as the story gets started with more and more being added as we go along yet not so much that the reader gets overloaded. The book starts nice and steamy which gives me hope for the future additions. I am really looking forward to following the adventures that I know this group is about to go on as they all get to know one another while trying to learn their magic at the same time. If you enjoy paranormal reverse harem romance novels then you should really try this book. I loved so it gets 5/5 stars. My only complaint at all is that it was over too soon.

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