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Friday, July 29, 2022

Release Blitz for Wolf Relic by T.M. Caruana


🔥NOW LIVE!!! WOLF RELIC by T.M. Caruana🔥

The second book in the paranormal romance series Midnight Wolf Curse…


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Fae Queen Athroxane has had to pay some hefty prices for her life lessons, but the ultimate cost is still due.

Fangs are closing in on her skin, but it turns out that the wolves could be her strongest ally; at the cost of binding her life to the king of wolves forever. But can she say her oaths and keep them, knowing she must wage war against her own people, so that she can win back her broken kingdom? And is it possible for the Fae People to forgive their queen after that?

In the back of her mind she is aware that time is running out to help Blake lift his blood curse, and as they spend more time together, she has started to wonder whether there is more to their blood bond than a curse.

If you like the concept of the Jungle Book, but where a Fae is left behind to be cared for by wolves and make riot against humans, then you will enjoy this story!

Find out how deep wounds go by reading WOLF RELIC, a Paranormal Romance that will transport you to another world filled with enemies to lovers, forbidden love, and revenge!

* Contains violence, sexual content and foul language.

🐺 START the series with BOOK 1

Find out whose blood will be spilled in WOLF CURSE, the first book of the MIDNIGHT WOLF CURSE series. If you like the battles of races of Twilight and the slow burn romance of Beauty and the Beast, then this series is for you!



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