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Saturday, July 22, 2017

About a Dog by Jenn Mckinlay

About a Dog (A Bluff Point Romance #1)

Book one in the Bluff Point Romance trilogy/series (though right now I would go with trilogy but I am not really sure yet. I have turned into a big fan of Jenn's books so when this one came out I just had to give it a shot. We get to meet Mackenzie "Mac" who travels back to her home town for a round of wedding festivities for her best friend. She has not been back since being left at the alter and sleeping with the best friends brother Gavin (though she never tells her friend about that). Once she returns things get interesting as she finds she has feelings for Gavin that she thinks she has to hide. She is doing well until she runs across a stray dog and the two are thrown together to save her. The development is incredible and I have to give Mac credit for her will power as she lasts much longer than I would have. The group of friends are fun to follow as I enjoyed how they were happy to give out honest advice whether asked or not while a few of them acted goofy as well livening up things a little bit (such as the sparkly purple penis veil). The dog was sweet saving the day by bringing the two together. The twist at the end threw me a little bit as things started to derail but Jenn fixed it quite nicely with a finale that matched the rest of the rest to a tee. Great for fans of romance novels that are set in current times. I really enjoyed reading it so I give it 4/5 stars.

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