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Monday, July 17, 2017

Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine

Ash and Quill (The Great Library #3)

 *Received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Book three in the Great Library series and I am really happy that this is more than a trilogy as I am totally in love with this series after this book. After saving everyone in the last book the group is altogether again though they seem to have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. They barely escaped alive at the end of book two and this one picks up with them arriving in Philadelphia amongst the Burners. Of course they do not receive a warm welcome instead they are used and held as prisoners though I must admit that all of the plans for escape are quite detailed and thought out making the more successful. This is a group of survivors much to the Archivist dismay. As the Library continues to attempt to silence them all they go ahead with their plans to build a printing press and ultimately go to war with the Archivist himself. They are hoping to take out the problem people without destroying the entire library system which is a good goal but I am not sure they will be able to pull it off in the end. Once they escape from Philly they find a new set of problems that must be dealt with but Jess through me for a loop with how he chose to go about fixing everything which leads to the cliff hanger ending that sets things up nicely for book four. This book is just full of action and adventure from the very beginning. There seems to always be something going on and secrets being kept. An absolute must read for fans of YA fantasy and book lovers themselves. I loved each and every page of this book so it gets 5/5 stars.

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