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Monday, July 31, 2017

From Kiss to Queen by Janet Chapman

 From Kiss to Queen

From what I can tell this is a stand alone book though a letter from the author at the end states that it is her way of combining three different series though since I have not read any of her other books I had no way of knowing that. It does make sense all its won though. One of my co-workers recommended the book so I though t I would give it a shat and I am glad that I did. Meet Jane who grew up in an Abbey with nuns after being left at a church at three days old with a shattered ankle. At age 12 she moved to a foster home where they pretty much taught all the survival skills she could ever need for the state of Maine where they live. While out hunting one day she gets to see a plane shot down by another plane which causes it to crash upside down in the nearby lake so she goes to save the pilot. What she doesn't know is that the pilot is a Prince/soon-to-be King of a small country she has never heard of (a tidbit he keeps from her as long as he can). He must take her home with him to keep her safe from the assassins after him and they fall in love along the way though neither of them will admit it). The problem is that thanks to her upbringing she has no self esteem so she has a hard time believing that he really loves her. This book is definitely different than most of the romance novels I have read. Things do not go smoothly all of the time and there is lot of work required to get them together which I admit I really enjoyed. I recommend this to fans of modern day romance novels that have a little twist in them to make them different from normal stories or even if you just like the normal to royal type of story. I really enjoyed it so it gets 4/5 stars.

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