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Monday, July 10, 2017

To Love a Wolf by Paige Tyler

To Love a Wolf (SWAT #4)

Book four in the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series. We finally get Landry Cooper's story for this series installment which makes me happy since he helped cover up the last two getting him in a little bit of trouble. Cooper finds a human artist as his women but unlike the last two he is upfront with Gage from the start. This may have been because Gage's wedding happens towards the beginning then he goes on a honeymoon which is when things went bad. I almost feel sorry for him having to deal with constant problems from his guys but then again its not like they do it on purpose. The woman is named Everly and things are going great between them until her family forbids her to see him but does not explain the why. They know his secret and they do not like it. When she finds herself in danger though they have to accept that Cooper is the only one that can save her. The dynamics are amazing and I just loved the development. The arching story is moving nicely and i am addicted to the team members. I give it 4/5 stars.

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